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Many easy meditation techniques are simple to learn and take only a few minutes to practice. A meditation technique that you can practice just about anywhere at anytime is deep breathing. You can practice certain kinds of meditations by repeating a simple word or phrase repeatedly allowing your mind to free itself of all other thoughts. Health yahoo beauty, New study highlights gross (and even dangerous) germs in pools and hot tubs. World healing prayers sacred geometry background, World healing prayers on sacred geometry backgrounds.
Sun gods zodiac biblical allegory meditation emerald tablets, Our father ( hemisphere brain, east side) art heaven ( higher mind christ consciousness). Now, stand at the beginning of your meditation path and bring your attention to the soles of your feet. By walking slowly we give ourselves more time to become aware of the sensations, however with experience you can walk at any pace. Start walking and pay attention to any sensation that arises in your feet.When you reach the end of the stretch stand still for a brief moment and become aware of the weight of your body pressing against the floor. Just like in sitting meditation, it’s normal that the mind wanders off from time to time.
Hi, I am a person who are interested about meditations but I cant concentrate because i am a very slow learner,could u please teach me on how to meditate starting to zero.
All you really have to do is sit and breath for ten minutes each day, and you’ll feel the effects.

About UsIn the today's fast paced world where our mind is bombarded with thousands of things to do and as if like a mechanical robot- our life is whirling in a vicious circle of responsibilities, dead-lines, commitments and what not- this website is a small attempt to give it a chance to slow down a bit. I checked it out and found it very effective at allowing me to remain still and keep my eyes closed and clear my mind of distractions and focus on my breathing and so on.  I soon found myself meditating morning, noon, and night using several techniques, some of which can be performed in 30 minutes, and others that can be performed in just 10 seconds. Meditation relaxes your mind and reduces your overall stress levels, and you can meditate at home, at work, even while waiting on the checkout line in the supermarket. Do not think about anything except the music relaxing your mind and clearing away your stress. Allow yourself to feel the presence of nature around you and focus on your body as you are taking your steps.
It could be a beach on a sunny day, a field of daisies, a beautiful waterfall or anything else you enjoy.
Simply focus on the sphere, seeing its overall beauty and its smooth surface as it reflects and sparkles.
Whenever you notice that you’re caught up in thinking, gently bring your attention back to the sensations of your feet.
It’s more fruitful with 5-10 minutes of alert meditation than an hour of mechanical practice. It is truly an outstanding meditation technique to build awareness and mindfulness in daily life. To see the world as it is evolving, to learn to take the notice of the smile of a child, the flowering in a plant, the blackness of the cloud, the sparkle in the water drops - all things we used to do as a child. When I first started practicing the art of meditation I found it very difficult to remain still and keep my eyes closed and clear my mind of distractions and focus on my breathing and so on.

Prayers can be formal prayers that you have memorized or they can be your own thoughts and words.
Let yourself focus on the image in your mind as you feel the peacefulness and calmness fill your mind and body.
I recommend that you start indoors where there are fewer distractions, however once you got some experience you can practice outdoors too. Basically, what you need to do is just sit in a quite space, breath in and out slowly, and try to focus on your mind and observe your thoughts. I have found a combination of vipassana meditation and walking meditation to work very well for me. The more you practice the steadier your awareness grows and as a result the mind wanders less. You’ll be amazed at how your mind slows down and how you feel so much more aware because of it. I told her I meditated daily and she told me that she never could find the time to meditate.

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