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You know, when I first heard of this song, I was like why the hell is The Game on a MJ Tribute but I forgot about that part when I heard my boys Boyz II Men blessed the track.
This is probably one of the coolest vids I've seen someone do for KanYe's Street Lights, which is also my favorite song off of 808's & Heartbreak!
Even though the point of this video is about kids talking about drugs-they are just too cute!
As much as I believe that Bossip just posts anything without figuring out if its true or not, I believe this shit. Of course Chris had to be on it, I would be mad if he did do anything for MJ since Jay-Z wont let him perform and shit! Jay-Z said he would not perform he Breezy's foot even touched the stage(I made that up, of course).

Didn't cut his hair for a while, no shirt on sweating and shit-I'm like,"What the hell?" But seeing this video, Lupe back to his normal self-I'm good! Anyways, its a shame that these kids are even discussing drugs but at least they know that they are bad.
As much as other celebs and stuff are accepting Chris back into their little fab world, Jay-Z aint having it!
Dude finally or shall I say officially joined Young Money and Cash Money Records and his distribution label is Universal Republic.
A lot of people with accents,especially from another country, it can get lost when they start to sing and stuff.
But now that is all figured out time for Drake to get on his grizzly and drop the freakin' album!But I will say this, these labels better not fuck with my dude Drizzy's money or anything related to him as a matter of fact!

Wayne already suing people for mixtapes and shit and not just anybody, Wayne is like suing his own people!
I have a weird feeling he might be the next Diddy when it comes to signing artists and shit.
I started dancing like him.My sister goes,"Now that's a man that I will cry about when he dies!"And T-Pain's BIG ASS CHAIN is still annoying. Oh then Beyonce performed.I was waiting for her to bust out and do Diva or Single Ladies but she did Ava Marie!

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