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This fascinating book combines biblical teaching with personal experience, offering a number of practical tools to apply to your life.
Step-by-step, Suzette Hattingh walks you through the Scriptures and shows you how to understand the ways that God leads in prayer and then answers prayer. Be led by the Holy Spirit as He guides your prayers and shares the burdens of Heaven with you on the earth. Suzette’s book is her lifestyle —she writes what she lives and lives what she writes.Discovering the Secret to a Successful Prayer Life is a book for everyone; it is not just a classic for the bookcase, but a handbook for the road!
Suzette Hattingh is the founder of “Voice in the City,” an international and interdenominational missions organization. Suzette’s true call lies in reaching out to the lost through global evangelistic crusades, and in edifying and equipping the Body of Christ through prayer schools, seminars, and personal evangelism.

It will also help you to understand the vast dimension of prayer and encourage you to bring intercession into your practical, everyday life. With her unique, humorous style, she will challenge you and ignite a new passion and ability for prayer within you. She was part of the Reinhard Bonnke “Christ for all Nations” (CfaN) team from 1980 to 1996, playing a major role in crusade preparation, leading intercession and women’s ministry. His book The Alchemist has gone to sell more than 65 million copies worldwide, becoming one of the best selling books in history. Enjoy!I encourage you to save this as a resource to come back to when you’re in need for a boost (and I know that we all need a boost every now and then!). I initially created this list as a resource for myself and I have bookmarked this page to return to it on a regular basis.

I certainly hope that you will also see this as a resource rather than just a quick article to read. So please, save this resource for when you need it in the future and pass it on to those that you think will benefit from it.15 Amazing Paulo Coelho Quotes that will change your life1. I like to share valuable insights, tips and tricks that teach people how to be more successful.

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