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Im Leader of the Royal Knights Guild (RK) im been playing since Ab18 and have this same guild back then, now merge to Pangya USA im been quite long in this game playing, probably u guys have seem me playing Deep Inferno 3 holes often and a lot of u have played with me too. Royal Knights Guild is very actived Guild with a lot of members online everyday, the requirement are very high to get in, rank (semi pro+) and score are very important to me since im trying to make high ranked and competitive Guild.
Well i have nothing else to say, i will wait for guild to be official so who are interested in RK can apply to join us or can whisper me in game take care everyone and cya in DI 3 holes.
I am Head(())Hawg, I am the leader of one of the oldest guilds from the origin of the guilds in OGPlanet.
Our guild has been here since S2, born mainly to reunite all player from my city, then we included other friends known during the game. Our guild is one of the first guilds in the early A18 days and our goal was to recruit all the nicest people around the game and in the end of the A18 we had recruited enough members that we never had to struggle to get a guild match going on or a nice in-house friendly match. Where technology and entrepreneurship meet and entrepreneurial experiences for the hungry & nimble mind.

My goal in this game is just to have fun and meet new players with a lot of skill and very competitive. Royal Knights is a Mixed Guild, i accept any player that i considered them good enough to me to be in, players from any country can join us doesnt matter if they are Brasilian, USA  or any country at all, if they know they have skill and can help the Guild improve in there match then ppl should apply to join.
As a rule, these guilds are full of a lot of silly rules, dramas and personality clashes, and the need to win more than the need to enjoy the game and have fun. Do you need to explicitly point out anything while you’re meeting with your prospects? We do privated tourny time to time to make Pro 2 or Pro 3 tournament just for fun between our members.
We have different social and religious opinions, and we come from all walks of life and all parts of the globe; but we are all friends that enjoy each others company and we seem to fit together like one crazy, if not abstract, puzzle. But in the end, this guild is open for our friends (especially for those who play both Trickster and PangYa) and those who are interested in a active and lively forum comminity!

All the members in FM are kind, we'll even try and help you find that item you've been looking for! But not the creepy cult kind of family who worship the moon and sacrifice cats during our guild events. Also, i'm not a good player (still Junior D) or won't be on much (because of Trickster), but all that matters on PangYa Island is to have fun, and enjoy the sight-seeing of the maps and show off your style! If you join *~M.C.~* both in-game and at forums and Guild Page, you will have access to our guild forums (link is at my signature bar) and once the guild system is up, I will open up future events (could use suggestions!) for both Trickster and PangYa players!

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