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Mama to Tyler 4, Wifey, Health conscious vegan and generally a bad ass mama jama, Rebecca Walker is one of my insta mum crushes.
With the New Year now upon us, we took a minute to sit down and get the low down on how to be a hard rock and still maintain a healthy lifestyle. I am mama to an amazing 4 year old little lady called Tyler, I’m married to my best friend, Jovel and I run a breakfast company called #BEXFAST! I’m a massive fan of oats which is one of the reasons I started #BEXFAST so a typical breakfast for me would be oats cooked with coconut rice milk, banana, chia seeds and peanut butter! You make eating well look so good, what is your advice for people who have no idea on where to start, what challenges did you face and how can you make it more fun? Haha I have a really sweet tooth but I don’t keep any junk in my house so it is never an option.
It’s so lovely to see you involving your daughter Tyler, kiddies are so tricky to feed well, how do you manage to get her to indulge in and enjoy what you’re eating? And if you’d like to pick up a pot, make sure you head to CycleLab in Shoreditch or Our Cottage in North London!
Between cutsey snaps of her daughter, her all black attires (SNAP), dedicated exercise regimes, generally mumming and wife-ing duties, we can only wonder how this working supermum found the time to create the hottest 0% junk Bexfast pots, currently flying off the shelves as you read this.
So if you have been thinking about starting that all so common New Year healthy eating resolution, then this might just give you the drive you need. Before I had Tyler I was as unhealthy as they come, full time smoker, I worked in a bar between singing work so I was always around alcohol and late events which led to eating junk food or whatever was available. I started making them at home for myself and posting pics on my Instagram just for fun but after a while people started messaging me asking where they could buy them from which i thought was really funny as it was just me sat at home in my pyjamas trying to make my food more interesting!

I wanted to do a short Ebook with some quick simple breakfast ideas to help people who are pushed for time in the morning but don’t want to eat unhealthily so that could be something coming up soon!
20121 Kings 8:28 -- But please listen to my prayer and my request, because I am your servant.
I was always unhappy with myself and constantly tired but I never really thought about sorting out my eating, I thought having salad in a burger made it better!
Some friends planned to start a bootcamp on Saturday mornings which I wanted to go to and literally 2 days before it started I asked if I could try and sell some of the breakfasts there. There are so many chemicals, additives, salt and sugars in almost everything on the shelves and we never question it but we have no idea what effect it has on our mood, concentration or health. I have always got a few of my pots in the fridge so I snack on those too, they really do it for me! Also, as she was growing up there was never the option of something unhealthy if she didn’t like what she had been given. The very next thing I want to happen though is to get #BEXFAST into a shop in South London as that’s where I live and I have had a quite a few requests for it.
When Ty was about 9 months old I decided I wanted to sort myself out so I started running and that really kick started my health journey. To be honest I was shocked at how much food companies are allowed to get away with in terms of advertising and actually putting so much rubbish into the foods we buy every day.
The more I learnt, the more I cut out especially after looking into the meat and dairy industries.
People always comment on how bright she is and I really believe feeding her body and mind positively makes all the difference.

What I really want #BEXFAST to do is to show people that you can live a full, happy, exciting life AND be fit and healthy.
I loved a medium rare steak and I luuuurrrvve dressers but for me, if it doesn’t make sense then why do it?
A lovely girl I know spoke to the guys who own the health shop on her road and said they should get them in their shop, I met with them and now they are being sold at Our Cottage in North London. It doesn’t make sense to fill my body with ingredients I have never heard of so I dont do it. Their friend, who owns CycleLab in Shoreditch, came down to the shop and tried one of my #BEXFAST pots.
I would say the most important thing to do with any major change in life is to really know why you are doing it. I was working in a solicitors office covering a maternity leave but that job is finishing this week, I was going to look for something else as it pays all my bills but I thought that actually this is the perfect opportunity to really give this everything I’ve got so as of next week I will be fully self employed!
Find the sense in it and when it gets hard go back to those reasons and remind yourself of why you felt it needed to change. There are so many beautiful colours of fruit and veg so it’s really easy to make it look good!

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