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Positive affirmations have the power to change your life because they have the power to change you.
If we train ourselves to get into the habit of practicing positive affirmations, we’ll begin to build ourselves UP rather than tear ourselves DOWN. So, now you know the importance of positive affirmations, how can you sneak them into your life? Welcome to Self Help Daily, a blog devoted to helping you create the reality of your dreams. One of the questions I hear the most from my readers is, "How can I cope with empty nest syndrome?" I'll try to deal with this sensitive subject as often as possible.

But do you actually use them?  Do you give yourself the extra boost that comes from creating more positive energy in your life?
Negative affirmations are equally powerful and pack their own kind of wallop – as in knocking you down, kicking you in the liver with steel toe boots, and then spitting in your face. Do you have bad habits or shortcomings that you consistently beat yourself up over?  Is there a particular aspect of your life you want  to improve? However, if you don’t have a lot of other eyes around, index cards could serve you well. If you’re one of those who tends to bash yourself regularly, this so-called daily basis may be more of an hourly basis.

The answer(s) to these questions will give you an idea of what positive affirmations you need to focus on. The secret to creating the best life possible is to create the best you possible, let's create a masterpiece!

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