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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. This is looking towards one end of Times Square, but I always thought I could improve this photo – and thus I’ve been keeping an eye for reasonable fares to New York. Star Alliance is a fading memory for me as I’ve decided to embrace British Airways Executive Club full on, with all my BMI Diamond club miles migrated over.  Even though I have a reasonable amount of Avois thanks to that transfer, it’s always a good idea to top it up with actual flying (as opposed to earning all my Avios in a supermarket).
And at ?1200 to New York it wasn’t overpriced compared to how some restricted Economy Class fares were pricing (about ?600-?700) for the time of year I was flying out (the 2nd week of the London 2012 Olympics). The Traditional LHR-JFK route – This would had got me there the olde fashioned way, and a chance to use the posh lounges and LHR. After booking that (and watching the money empty out of my credit card account), it was time to turn my eyes to the hotel.
I therefore defaulted back to the property I stayed in last time – The Holiday Inn Long Island Manhattan View. One of the main considerations for a designer is to think carefully about the audience for their designs?

Before beginning your own designs, consider again the impact of audience and purpose on style of graphics.
The screen is dominated by one large powerful graphic which attracts attention and represents a specific game. In complete contrast to the previous two sites, the Royal British Legion is a charity whose site is aimed at adults.
Graphics are used sparingly and are restricted to navigation buttons and small photographs or artwork.
Mainly because there are source of ideas and inspiration (yes, photographers get inspiration for everywhere.
For the first two nights, I needed a place to stay in New York – and as usual, summer prices are enough to scare anyone senseless. For example if the images are to be used on an website, what is the type of person that will be visiting the website and what the site is trying to say. Do you want the site to amuse and entertain with large cartoon characters, or do you want it to appear authoritative and businesslike with small, functional photographs?

The purpose of the website is to provide fun games and activities linked to the television shows. The colour scheme mainly uses the red and blue of the charitya€™s logo with some as silver and gold. Therefore it was back to National Express on the way out for ?9.50 all in, and on the way back an Advance Ticket from Chiltern Railways for a grand total of ?6.
A serious business website will use a different style of graphics from a fun site aimed at children. I’ve done my fair share of 747-400’s in my time, and I felt it was time for something different – very different.

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