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Is this a write off?on the way back from Newark on Saturday afternoon, I managed to slide the pride and joy into the back of another car!! Pic 2 looks like the chassis is very bent where the suspension rocker arm is and if so will be a write ooff i would think.
When purchasing my Fury Kit from BGH, I talked to Chris a lot about the chassis strengths, and as you know they are a seriously raced car. He told me of an instance where they replaced the front end complete to half way down the engine bay - the rest of the chassis was undamaged. He reported that the race scrutineers were amazed at how well the car had survived the collision with the armco. However the beauty of our type of car is that it's a bit like a big Meccano set so most of it is replaceable without too much difficulty.

The F27 looked a real mess after being parked in a tree but strip-down revealed it was repairable without too much aggro. In theory you need a half chassis, someone to weld about 8 tubes along with a new bonnet, wishbones and rockers etc. An insurer will not want to repair the car as there are no recognised repairers for this sort of thing.
The trick now is to speak to the assessor, ask him to give a cash in lieu of repair, and not to write the car off if you want to repair the car.
I am happy to have a go at some of the work, and all of the prep if I can convince the ins man to agree, here are more pictures.
Your latest pics look very similar to the F27 damage and that's been repaired by me in about a month.

If a car is written off, what ever catagory it is, it will show up on a Hpi check, there is no way round that. Now to make it better, 1st item on the shopping list 15" ford fit wheels and sticky tyres! Cant you just do the work yourself (or someone for you) rather than risking the insurance writing it off?

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