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Words by Ali KlinkenbergBeing a young surfboard shaper is much like being a young doctor: nobody trusts you. You want to avoid making a late payment because it can have a far-reaching impact beyond your mortgage. If you have a traditional mortgage, your payment is generally due on the first of the month. Although the 16th is pretty common, you should check with your lender or servicer to see how long your grace period actually is.
If you can’t make your payment by the end of your grace period, it’s officially considered late. The penalties for not paying your mortgage get worse as the month goes on, according to Quicken Loans Chief Economist Bob Walters. Although your payment history is far from the only factor affecting your credit, it’s given the most weight – 35% of your overall score.
If a life change causes you to temporarily have trouble making your mortgage payment, the most important thing to remember is to contact your lender or servicer. Be sure to contact your servicer with any questions you have regarding your specific situation. What if a payment is made, say, 2 days after the grace period, for example on the 17th of the month?
It wouldn’t have an adverse effect on your credit, but you would probably be charged a late fee. You’re right that this is an important distinction and that the payments are technically missed.
The end result is that we need to get the production volumes up in order to buy fabrics in bigger quantities when the price per meter is smaller.
To keep the business running and really make a difference in the way the fashion industry works we need to be profitable. And, starting a surfboard company's like entering the tooth brush manufacturing game: You're selling the same thing, but you've got to convince everyone to stop buying Colgate.

However, there’s a pretty standard practice within the industry that you have until the last chance day on the 16th (or the first business day thereafter) to make your payment without incurring a penalty.
If you have a particularly high credit score and suddenly miss a payment, you can see a steeper drop than someone with a score of 640 and a few late payments, according to Equifax.
A payment that’s 90 days late is worse than one that’s 60 days late, which is worse than one that’s 30 days late, and so on. You might be able to work out a payment plan so that you won’t continue to fall behind and to find a solution that works with your budget. We balance it with having better profits in some other products but still it’s not wise for us to produce a T-shirt with such high costs.
In addition we need to find production places that can produce a bit cheaper – most likely this means that we need to source suppliers abroad. It doesn’t need a big change in the cost structure as you can see from the picture below.
Nurmi creates clothes and accessories where the nordic tradition of minimalism and long-lasting design goes hand in hand with true sustainability. If you know you’re going to be late or have trouble making a mortgage payment, give your loan servicer a call. Although each credit bureau has its own formula for calculating the scores, the drop may be as much as 90–110 points for an initial missed payment. If you have paid your bills in the past and continue to pay all your bills going forward, you should be able to make up the drop eventually. The biggest detriments to your credit are collection items such as bankruptcies, foreclosures and liens. Even if you are on a payment plan but don’t make the contractual payment within the month due, it will impact your credit.
On the left side you can see our cost structure at the moment and on the right side the structure we’re aiming for. Turns out not everyone's as defeatist and cynical as us, and Max Stewart, founder, CEO, art director, shaper, glasser and marketing manager of Eye Symmetry Surfboards Inc, is bringing handcrafted bespoke surfboards back into the stream of consciousness.Max Stewart looks like a 24-year-old from the Northern Beaches of Sydney (because he is!).

However, you should know that any late payment will stay on your credit history for seven years. However, after chatting with Max for a few minutes you realise that there's a little more going on upstairs than with a number of his counterparts. It's lighter and stronger, has slightly different flex patterns and keeps the boards super light.
The cost of surfboards is something that oft perplexes, but Max's breakdown of what it costs him to make a board is rather sobering.
Then, taking into account the cost of rent in Sydney near the beach, and keeping the lights on, I'm looking at $500 a board. That's without me paying myself anything." Add the labour intensive nature of the shaping game to the stubborn nature of the surfboard market (its customers!) and being a young entrepreneur shaper doesn't look quite as romantic.
He's got so much knowledge and he's definitely helped me break into the market of the older guys. Trying to get them used to a new shaper is quite a feat." And Tom's not the only notable team rider on the roster. Hector Santamaria, the Puerto Rican live wire, is one of the stars of Max's guerrilla marketing campaign.
At the moment I'm kind of managing his career, which is another job, but it's super rewarding. He was just out staying with me for three months, so we nailed the Australian section." So, you can add 'Director' to Max's ever growing resume.

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