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Make your whatsapp and facebook status cool interesting everyday with our latest status and quotes about attitude in Hindi. Na chhuri rakhta hu, na pistol rakhta hu, DILWALO ka beta hu bs dil me jigar rakhta hu aur akela niklta hu.. If we are using a windows phone, first we need to find three dots which we see on the bottom right of the screen.
First, we need to open the WhatsApp messenger and we need to find the three aligned dots on the right top of a screen and we need to tap this sign.
If we are using a Blackberry phone, we just need to go to the status screen and select the status from the list or we can add a new status by just clicking on the plus sign which we see on the right top. When we are using Android Phone, we just need to go to the chats section, and then choose the menu button and we need to select the status. Show and share Your Sweetness with your friends and family by making these sweet quotes as your whatsapp and facebook status. Today I caught myself smiling for no reason… then I realized I was thinking about you.
A new friendship is just like unripe lemon or orange, with time either it may be sweet or sour.

The sweetest place is to be in someones thoughts and the safest place is to be in someones heart. They always say boys are stupid, but aren’t girls just as stupid for falling for stupid boys.
Life is to short to let other people get to you, If they can’t handle who I am then I don’t need them in my life!
There are many other messaging applications available, but the most user-friendly applications are the WhatsApp. We can also integrate many emoticons varieties and we can use this feature as text in the WhatsApp.
By logging into WhatsApp, we can chat with our friends and also we can stay connected with our good loving people all the time where we travel or work. By doing this way, we can show to our contacts what we do when we are sleeping or working or even sporting. We need to tap the top text field with our current status and we must change it on whatever we like. When we are using a Nokia S40 or S60 phone, we need to go to the status screen and we must select status from a list which is preset types status.

The messenger will be asking to crop the image with scale and we can drag the image and we can do the cropping in a good manner. We can see which of the users have started the application and also we can see that which of the users are in online. We can also add new status types, by just going to the options menu and then select the new status screen.
First we must open the WhatsApp messenger and we can tap three dots on the right-hand side of our screen. Then, we must choose profile option and it will display our current profile picture in WhatsApp. We can tap the picture for changing and it will redirect to the gallery from where we have selected the picture of our choice.

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