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Discover why stress and negative thinking are important causes of anxiety, depression, and addiction. DISCLAIMER: This site contains general medical information and is not tailored to the needs of a specific individual.
We have typically defined addiction as needing a substance to function normally, but this ignores crucial psychological qualities of addiction. Responding to the shooting of a gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo, Bill Nye says the treatment of animals in zoos is plainly unethical.
Researchers present what they’ve learned now that they can read the tiny text inside the Antikythera mechanism. In response to the attacks in Brussels, we've put together a playlist of our most experienced and insightful experts into the dark heart of ISIS. Margaret Moore is the founder and co-director of the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital. Stress is designed biologically to be powerful; it takes over your brain much more than positive emotion.

If you learn how your brain works and work with it, you can start to exercise more cognitive control over your own functioning. If you follow the simple steps laid out in this book, you will change your life and be happier.
Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of this site, however it is NOT complete and it may contain mistakes. It’s about self-regulation, a skill that is developed by the pre-frontal cortex--the seat of executive function in the brain. If you look at the genetic wiring around organization, there’s a good amount of the population who have competent executive function. The first step is to figure out what is it that you really want that being organized will give you. The left pre-frontal cortex regulates your attention: it evaluates, judges, makes decisions. You can support this site by linking to it in your website or blog so that search engines can better recognize it.

In a recent interview, Moore told Big Think that there is a cognitive basis for chronic disorganization.
Modern life, with its barrage of incoming emails and phone calls and texts, taxes the pre-frontal cortex, inhibiting the brain’s ability to focus.
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Neither the author nor the operator of this site shall be liable or responsible for any loss, injury, or damage allegedly arising from any information or suggestion in this site. Or is this something I really need to pay attention to?’ The limbic system is an old part of the brain. It takes in a lot of input from a lot of places faster than they get to the thinking brain.

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