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If you are tired of living in the shadow of your substance abuse problem, then you should make one of the most important,and most difficult, decisions you will ever make. If you begin treatment with the right mindset, you’ll be much more open to the process and recovery in general. When you are finally ready to get sober, just know that there are primarily 4 elements to having a winning mindset when it comes to substance abuse treatment. Individual salespeople work territories or compete to see who can make the most sales and, in turn, earn the largest bonus. However, there are also just as many consequences of not having one and always keeping a negative outlook on things.
Taking that first step towards choosing a drug and alcohol treatment center in Raleigh NC takes a lot of courage, while the treatment process itself takes a lot of dedication and hard work.
You will feel like a fish swimming upstream that is fighting the current all the way up the river. Getting drugs and alcohol out of your life might be the best decision you could ever make, so call our holistic drug and alcohol treatment center in Raleigh NC, Charlotte NC, and Columbus OH. This is especially true when you have a small sales force or when you work in a specialized field, such as software sales.

However, the rewards of successfully completing your addiction treatment program can really make all the effort worthwhile in the long-term. Having the right mindset can typically determine just how successful you are with your substance abuse treatment. You may still reach your goal in the end, but you’ll waste a lot of energy pushing away the people offering you help. You can force behavior change through management decree or you can change the mindsets of people so that their thinking results in new desired behaviors. Not surprisingly, altering mindsets is more effective at sustaining change over the long term.
The drawback is that it takes additional time and effort to properly effect a change in mindset.When the necessary time and effort is invested, a persona€™s mindset can lead them to take actions (behaviors) necessary to foster momentum and a critical mass of commitment throughout the organization.
The change story should paint the picture of a future that is more attractive than the present, and demonstrate clearly how the desired change in mindset and behavior will enable people to accomplish it. For example, updating individualsa€™ business goals and incentives to align with the future state, then holding the individuals accountable using the appraisal process, can go a long way toward creating incentive that brings aboutA desired mindsets and behaviors.Finally, dona€™t underestimate the power of a positive mindset, as it has the potential to change performance by creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. Consider the elementary schoolteachers who were told at the beginning of the year that their students were a€?bloomersa€? and would show a significant jump in IQ.

When tested at the end of the year, their score on the Stanford-Binet IQ test went up fifteen points on average. He and his team partner with Fortune 500 and mid-market companies to deliver successful people and change strategies. Executives must model new behaviors in order to influence mindset and behavior change in their people. They must be able to use these stories to motivate hundreds or thousands of employees to achieve more than they thought possible. Unlike other methods of influence, such as persuasion, bribery, or charismatic appeal (all push strategies), stories are pull strategy. Stories allow people to decide for themselves, which is one of the great hallmarks of effective influence.

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