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Noel Edmonds and his wife Liz gave and extraordinary interview about how an electric mat 'cured' him of cancerShe turns to her husband. Noel, who has an estimated A?30 million fortune, set up radio stations with no news bulletins.
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Medical research confirms that a positive attitude works wonders at fighting disease and ailments, from the common cold to cancer. Patty’s Day with an order from SunDANCE and get Double The Cookies (2 packs) with your delivery tomorrow!
All you can see is the narrow path taking you deeper and deeper into the darkness… where creatures wait behind every twist and turn.

It’s the only place around where visitors can shake hands with a friendly pirate or two and leave with the biggest bag of loot on dry land!
Activities include Goblin Stops full of treats, carnival-style games, the American Airlines Pirate Island, a Haunted Train Ride and much more. Poe in the Park featuring readings of Edgar Allen Poe’s most frightening tales presented by Booksmart Tulsa. Pictured: One of Noel's tweetsA He was, as he says, a€?slaughtereda€™ on ITVa€™s This Morning by hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, with an outraged Holly questioning if hea€™d ask a child if their cancer was caused by negative energy.
Treatment is quick and painless a€” you lie on a mat filled with electromagnetic copper coils for a few minutes a day.In theory, the electromagnetically recharged cells become stronger and better able to function. Wasna€™t that stress all over and done with by the time cancer was detected?And given that his father died of prostate cancer in 1990, wouldna€™t it more reasonable to assume Noela€™s cancer was down to genes rather than negative energy?a€?He died of ignorance,a€™ says Noel of his father, beginning to cry again. I think the most appropriate word is a€?departurea€™ because we are energy and you cana€™t create or destroy energy, you can only change its form. I didna€™t say pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy cures, but I believe it helps.a€?Mark said my results were in the top ten of more than 10,000 procedures because I presented him with a fit body. She has taught him to engage with his a€?spiritual sidea€™, to not be embarrassed, to a€?let my emotions flowa€™ and opened his eyes to . His comments attracted ridicule and then anger when he told a sceptical cancer patient on Twitter that his disease could have been caused by his a€?negative attitudea€™.
Is it possible your ill-health is caused by your negative attitude?a€?a€?I think thata€™s a perfectly reasonable question to ask somebody.
As an only child to be there when your parents say goodbye, thata€™s tough.a€?That happened 26 years ago and it still does this to me.

So where does our energy go?a€™His theory is that his mother and father are two little orbs that visit him regularly.Within hours of Noela€™s diagnosis, Liz began her forensic research. The other thing he said is, a€?I love your attitude and your beautiful wifea€™s attitudea€?, which I interpret as positive energy.a€?Further down the road our dream a€” and we will fulfil our dream a€” is to open at least one positivity haven.
Somewhere people can come and learn this information,a€™ says Noel.a€?It wona€™t be like a spa where people go for ten days and then go back to their old ways. Ia€™d hoped by telling my story it might save lives, but Phillip and Holly were so hell-bent on pursuing an agenda.a€?It was as if Phillip never heard a word I said. I was very sad he didna€™t even say a word of sympathy when I revealed my prostate cancer.a€?I didna€™t say a pulsed electro-magnetic field cures cancer. Noel wrote a wishlist of ambitions and, rather like a mail-order company, the cosmos delivered Liz, who was working as a make-up artist on Noela€™s show Deal Or No Deal when they met.a€?Some people call it love at first sight,a€™ Noel says. All I said is that it will help tackle cancer.a€™Noel is using the generic term for his miracle pad as the owners sent him a letter warning his claims could reflect badly on their business.
I thought, a€?The most important thing is to be stronga€? but the moment I came through the back door and looked at her, she caved in.a€?She knew.
We hugged each other for a long time and cried, then we made a pact, which I believe would be useful for other people: we never said, a€?Wea€™re going to fight thisa€?, because thata€™s negative.

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