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I was inspired by my opportunity as an affiliate to review Amy Adele children's stationery (read it here at Hobo Mama Reviews) to write a little idea post on writing thank-you notes with pre-writers or beginning writers. Your job as the parent will be greatly decreased since now you can write just a sentence or two about how lovely the gift was, "sign" it for your child, and let your little one have at it.
Fun ways to decorate paper include (depending on your mess tolerance): stickers, foam stickers, glitter, glitter glue, colored markers or crayons or pencils (our three-year-old prefers Sharpies, sigh), ribbon (glued or taped on), pictures cut from magazines or old photos — look around and use what you have! You can even start with completely blank (or reused) paper and have your child fashion the stationery or card out of whole cloth. I realize this isn't quite as heartfelt as writing a long thank-you letter to Grandma, but if it's the difference between getting out any thank-you at all and putting it off indefinitely because it sounds like too onerous a task — well, I know as a gift giver, I'd be charmed to receive a cute little fill-in-the-blank card. If you don't want to order custom stationery, you could craft your own fill-in-the-blank cards for your kids to fill in, using just blank paper and markers, giving your kids a different color marker for filling in the blanks. Here we show Nana how snazzy the snowsuit is she bought!encourage them to come up with their own photo shoot ideas and perhaps take the pictures themselves.
If you have a Polaroid (do people anymore?) you could send the photos right away with a little caption written on the white strip at the bottom.
Try recording a video diary of your child using the object and, if old enough, saying thank you specifically to Uncle Stu or whoever's on the receiving end of the video.
I use video editing software that came with my computer, and my husband prefers the software that came with our camera. Once you have your video finalized, you can post to YouTube or another service (most have privacy options that allow you to show it only to users you select if you'd like), upload it to Facebook, or email a small version directly from your computer (compress it for email first). This goes along with the last two ideas, because an easy way to share photos and videos is to post them on your own blog. It could be a blog you already have, for sure, but if you have a more outwardly oriented blog, you might want to start a private blog just for family and friends.
We've done just this with a photo blog we have, where we can feel comfortable sharing pictures of family and friends along with their (first) names, because we know they feel comfortable, too. You could do it up big with a whole post dedicated to a specific gift giver, or you could do a roundup of all the birthday gifts in use, and then email out the link to everyone who came to the party. Not only do your relatives get to be told they're loved — they get the pleasure of having that fact disseminated widely.
This is a good technique to use in addition to sending something personal and private; otherwise, it might seem like a bit of a copout. Every time I send a letter to our parents, I make sure to include some flat piece of artwork or another. A fun tactic for your verbal but pre-writing (or beginner writer) kids is to have them dictate the letter to you. If your child can write her name, let her sign the dictation at the end and add a little asterisk noting that you acted as stenographer.
It might not be inspiring for your preschooler to write a thank-you note on plain white paper, or the pastel thank-you cards you have left over from your baby shower. Personalized cards are a hit with anyone who can recognize her own name, but personalized photo cards are sure to be a hit with youngsters who might not connect with a monogram — but could certainly pick out their own face in a crowd! Bonus: Aunt Meg will love seeing your youngster's smiling face peeping out at her when she opens the envelope!
Please allow me to offer a tiny explanation of why I love Amy Adele so you don't think I'm shilling for them for no good reason. The additional awesomeness: Amy Adele is offering my readers our very own promotional code till the end of the month (June 30, 2010). So if you have summer festivities on the horizon, consider ordering your birthday or baby shower invitations, thank-you notes, party-favor labels, or personalized gifts in the next two weeks to take advantage of that deal!

EXCELLENT ideas, and SO timely, I have three girls worth of birthday thank you notes from the past month to work on. For my daughter's first birthday, I split-screened 2 pictures from her birthday party and printed off enough pictures to send one to each of our guests. We started voice recording thank you's through an app for our 2 year old and you can add a picture as your background and email it to nana and papa so they can hear her say it herself!
Riding the rails with my husband, Crackerdog Sam, and our hobo kids, Mikko Lint Picker (born June 2007), Alrik Irontrousers (born May 2011), and Karsten (born October 2014).
In our current tech-savvy world where communication is sometimes too easy, there's something special about the rare occasions when people take the time, effort and care to write a letter to someone.
Little One, it is not, has never been, and never will be your job to “keep him interested.” Little One, your only task is to know deeply in your soul--in that unshakeable place that isn’t rattled by rejection and loss and ego--that you are worthy of interest.
If you can trust your worth in this way, you will be attractive in the most important sense of the word: you will attract a boy who is both capable of interest and who wants to spend his one life investing all of his interest in you. Because in the end, Little One, the only thing you should have to do to “keep him interested” is to be you.
It is with a heavy heart that I return the Eagle Scout pin and badge I was awarded in August of 1980 while I was a member of Holy Cross Troop 31, Bay Lakes Council.
How sad that an organization that teaches leadership has chosen to relinquish the lead in one of the most important civil rights issues of our time. I pray that one day you will see the error of your ways and realize that the principles and ideals of scouting can be taught by men or women, gay or straight. If you’ve never had the urge to learn Tolkien-style Elvish, watch Liv Tyler speak Sindarin at Comic-Con in 2007. My theory is that if we can make it fun for our kids when they're young, maybe they'll continue to make it creative and enjoyable for themselves as they get older.
They have flat cards that have a little decoration in one corner but are otherwise blank, and you can customize them before you order to have any pre-printed message you want. Similarly, these cards would be perfect for beginning writers (or reluctant older writers!), because there are no extras required.
Maybe you could even design a template on your computer and have them copied onto cardstock at a local copy place! If it's baby clothes, snap a picture in the outfit (before the spit-up and poop leakage occur, so hurry!). For instance, we put together a video showing Mikko doing the ASL signs to all the words in a favorite picture book his young cousin had given him. Both WordPress and Blogger have settings that allow you to keep your blog under wraps and out of the gaze of search engines, if you or your loved ones are squeamish about having personal details published online. A good rule of thumb for thank-yous is to consider what would make you feel special, and like your gift was truly appreciated. Do you wonder how on earth you're going to store all these marvelous creations for posterity? It saves you the chore of having to come up with phrases, and what comes out of your kid's mouth is sure to be more enjoyable to write and to read than anything you'd have come up with.
If you are an eco-nut like I am, you will be pleasantly astounded by their commitment to 100% post-consumer recycled cardstock, eco-conscious forest use, and biodegradable (and minimal) packaging. We try to send thank you emails with a picture of the child playing with their gift - or posing with it - depending on the type of gift. For her birthday, we had 3 photos on the front - cake, the 3 of us blowing the candle, and her eating cake - and another really cute one of her on the inside. When my children were young, we used to send photos of them playing with the toy or wearing the clothes (or happily opening the present) along with a thank-you note.

The gesture speaks volumes, beyond even the original intent of the letter, and whether handwritten or typed, it carries a certain emotional impact. These thieves didn't know the computers they'd stolen were from a non-profit group that helps victims of sexual assault. Seattle Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman is the NFL's only legally hearing-impaired player, but he heard this little girl's amazing message to him loud and clear. Every year on the anniversary of his father's death, this man reads one very special letter that reminds him of the lives his father changed forever. After spending eight years earning the Boy Scouts' highest rank, this Eagle Scout just couldn't in good conscience keep the award, knowing that the organization was openly denying similar opportunities to gays. I do this in protest of the Boy Scouts of America’s policy to deny leadership positions to gay and lesbian adults and membership to young adults who identify as gay. And the knowledge, wisdom and benefits of Scouting should be available to all young men regardless of their sexual identity.
This bone marrow donor saved the life of a total stranger, but his stem cells weren't even his "best gift" to her.
We had a message to give the world, but we were overwhelmed, and the message was cut off in the middle. Sure, those years might be gone, but that doesn’t mean we all can’t rekindle our love of strange fake alphabets in a grown-up pop culture kind of way, does it? After all, receiving gifts is fun (well, mostly…); so should telling the gift giver that you appreciated the thoughtfulness!
I've been enjoying Hallmark's Smilebox, and sadly I am receiving absolutely no benefit for recommending this to you.
It was a way to demonstrate visibly how very much he enjoyed the gift, to have read it often enough to have it memorized. If you are a family-business fan, you'll love the fact that Amy Adele is an actual person who draws all the designs and is a mama of three little ones. Is it bad that some of our wedding gifts have still not had proper thank-you notes written, and it's been 12 years?
For Christmas, we had her with Santa on the front, and a photo of the three of us in front of our Christmas tree inside. The above alphabet is Tengwar, or the script used to write in Valarin, Quenya, Telerin, Sindarin, the Black Speech of Mordor, and so on.
But I'd still enjoy opening up an email with an appreciative note and a bunch of cute photos of your kid interacting with my gift, wouldn't you? It's free software that you download, and then you can access picture files that are locally on your computer. If you are insistent on getting the most bang for your shopping buck, you will be glad to note that the quality is excellent, the website easy to navigate, and the turnaround super speedy. And is it appropriate for me to tell you here that it's all Sam's fault because they were in his stack to write but that everyone in his family blames me? With the above translation, you can also use Tengwar to write in English, which is what we’ll be doing until we find ourselves stuck with a ring to destroy. They have lots of cute themes with animation and music accompaniment, sort of like a moving scrapbook, and when you're done you can email or post the free version, which has ads along the side, or pay a fee for a larger and ad-free version.
The only thing that concerns me is the number of empty soda cups and tea bottles in your room.

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