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Real Work At Home Job IdeasThis site is dedicated to compiling ideas of real work at home jobs. Yes, I sold lemonade from a TV tray in our neighborhood, but I also sold arts and crafts door-to-door. So if you need some extra pocket cash, here are 27 different things you can sell from home. Make sure you check out this post, it lists 11 different sites where you can sell your expertise! While this is a huge commitment and undertaking, it can be very lucrative if you’re healthy, the right age, and you have the right mindset. Do you have furniture, designer clothing, major electronics, or appliances that you no longer need or want? While you usually have to pay a small startup — the direct sales industry is a great way to sell new products from home.
Have you gotten a gift card for a store that you don’t shop at or that’s not close to your home? This information is truly priceless, as I have just retired and looking for ways to make extra money now, I look really forward to trying some of these!
There is probably a direct sales companies that sells Aragon oil or that has it in their products.
I really enjoyed this article because you were not trying to sell something, just giving out great information.
January 15, 2012 by Julie 165 Comments If you read this blog with any regularity, you’ve likely noticed that I have a serious love of circuit-style workouts. One of the best part about circuit workouts is that many of them require no gym equipment and those that do can usually be slightly altered so you can do them at home in your living room.
Below you will find some of my favorite workouts that I modified slightly (the original workout is hyperlinked) so that they may be done at home or in a hotel room when you’re traveling.
I’ve heard great things about BodyRock and Insanity for awesome and challenging at-home workouts but still haven’t tried any of their workouts myself. I workout at home every morning and go for a run in the evening…morning workouts are always circuits or Pilates but I’m going to give one of yours ago in the ! Usually I’ll either pop in a Jillian Michaels DVD or make up my own circuit if I want to workout at home. In this last couple weeks, I’ve been utilizing alot of your at home circuit workouts to change things up!
I’m def in need of some at-home workout options… With the new puppy all I wanna do is be home and be with him!
Building a Concrete-block Wall - Building Masonry Walls - Patios, Walkways, Walls & Masonry.
When you have to butter the ears of several blocks, set them all on end and butter them at the same time.
To neatly remove excess mortar from the block, let it set up a little before scraping it off; removing soft mortar can produce smears that are hard to clean.
When the mortar has dried, brush the wall with a stiff brush to remove dirt and fragments of mortar.
Step 1: To butter the ears (the flanges on the ends of a block) first set the block securely on one end.
Step 2: Slice into the side of the mortar with the edge of the trowel to shape it into an inverted U. At this point, you can continue to build up the lead on one corner, then the other, or build both of them at the same time.
Build up the lead on one end of the footing by throwing mortar for the second course and starting this course with a half block. When the lead on one end is three or four courses high, build up the lead on the other end, using the same techniques.
When you reach the center of the wall and have space for only one more block (the closure block), set that block in the space without mortar. If you're building a long wall, local building codes may require you to strengthen it by constructing core-filled pilasters at intervals along its length. The pilasters are made by interrupting the course of the wall with two perpendicular blocks set side by side, alternating with a full block every other course.
Once you have completed the wall to its finished height, fill the pilaster cores with mortar mixed slightly wetter than joint mortar so it pours more easily. Continue building the leads by moving the mason's blocks up to the next course and properly aligning it.
Control joints allow sections of a wall to expand and contract and rise and fall without disturbing other sections.
From time to time, stop laying block and check the mortar by pressing your thumb into a joint. Some wall designs call for filling the cores of the top course with mortar (called core-filling). Scoop mortar from your mortar box into a bucket so you can carry it with you as you work across the wall.
Smooth the mortar in each core with a small trowel, leveling it to the web of the block and taking care not to disturb the J-bolt. Line up the lumber with the J-bolts and mark the 2x so you can drill holes that correspond to the bolts. Making these dreams come true is simpler than you thought -- print these instructions to begin!
I feel like any sort of school energy required at this point is pure oppression, like the universe is trying to destroy me. Yesterday Remy brought her books to me at bedtime – an hour notable for its propensity to incite rage and trauma – and chirped, “We need to read for 20 minutes!” and a little part of my soul died. My friend Glennon over at Momastery described nighttime reading like this: “The little one wants to ‘help read’ her book. Then Ben tells me Tuesday that he needs a Ben Franklin costume for the Living History Museum today, and I’m like what fresh hell is this??
So Ben went to school like this today, and there is no way this will ever not be a part of his childhood. End of school hard.The emails coming in for All Of The Things – class gift, end of year letters, luncheon signup, party supplies, awards ceremonies, pictures for the slide shows, final projects – are like a tsunami of doom.
I am a high school teacher who just had a son graduate from HS last weekend and then had to go back to school for another week.
If some nice mom wants to give a gift and show appreciation, that's really nice of her, but for you to EXPECT them to give gifts and then be disappointed when no one gives you one is a little ridiculous.
Evy, I am also a nurse and some days (lots of them!), you feel good when your shift ends and all your patients are still breathing!! I work in a hospital too - no gifts - and not allowed to receive any- and we do not get the summer off or winter break or spring break !!!!
If you think all teachers are done at 3:30 everyday and get their summers off without ever having to do workshops, meetings, testing, planning, moving classrooms, cleaning classrooms, and going back weeks early to get the room ready for the next school year then you know nothing about education today. We spend a lot of time in hospitals unfortunately recovering from surgeries, and every single time I make cookies or cakes for the amazing nurses! It is OUR JOB to supply our students with things their parents and the system can't (pencils, bandaids, breakfast, lunch -- yes I have fed my students because their parents don't send them to school with breakfast or don't refill money on their lunch account).
Cherie, I HAVE stepped foot in a classroom full of 25 6 year olds for 5 years straight and I do NOT expect any gifts. Hey, Stephanie; feel free to take 2 months off this summer----without pay, just like teachers do. I'm an elementary teacher also, and I've not been paid one red cent in July and August for the last 19 years I've been teaching.
My district (and the whole state of Pennsylvania, from what I understand) pays me for 10 months of work. When my father was in the memory unit of a care facility, my sister and I regularly brought treats for the care givers, they were allowed to keep them and share them in their break room. Receptionists don't wipe a child's backside when they end up stinky and soiled for one reason or another. I knew nothing of the challenges of being an educator when I signed up for the job.You cant know. I am a teacher and I don't expect a gift but If I make a difference in someones life I would think someone would like to show some appreciation. As I will say to most of you, walk a day in a teacher's shoes - just one day- and you will gain the respect you so lack. Any principal that thinks their staff should be grateful for whatever needs a dang reality check. I am the office staff, by myself, at a school of 654 students (the other secretary left, fed up, about 4 weeks ago).
I thought this blog was AMAZINGLY accurate and insightful, portrayed with enough humor to know that it's better to laugh than to cry when you are done in. I'm sure the teacher does NOT need a gift from your child to feel that she has made it through the year doing her job to teach YOUR child. Teachers do chose this job, but so many of them put much more than is expected into their profession.
In reality though, a lot of pressure that moms (and dads) feel about that school stuff comes from OTHER parents.
If a teacher got no gifts at the end of the year - I'm willing to bet she really wouldn't dwell on it. You, likely, have had a raise in the last six years and have not had 3% of your pay taken from you. These jobs consist of things you can make at home for re-sale, companies that are hiring work from home positions, and opportunities for making money on the internet.
Not only did I do chores to earn a weekly allowance, but I was expected to save my money for things that I wanted to purchase.
Then sell your art online at ArtPal, they accept paintings, prints, photography, sculptures, handmade jewelry, and crafts.
Then sell your used baby furniture, gear, toys, and clothes at a Just Between Friends sale. Being a surrogate (carrying someone else’s baby for 9 months) pays anywhere from $25,000 – $40,000, plus the cost of medical bills.

In fact, there is a whole website called, Only The Breast that is dedicated to moms selling and those looking to buy breast milk. From makeup and jewelry, to gourmet food and clothing, whatever your passion there’s a direct sales company that caters to it. Lea Black is a FREE Facebook Boutique where you can sell jewelry, accessories, and handbags. Simply find a contest, submit a design and if yours is chosen as the winner you make money. People sell everything from writing services, design services, voice over services, to making phone calls, posting social media updates, and videos.
Please be aware that we only promote advertising from companies that we feel we can legitimately recommend to our readers. I think the breast milk is a great idea, since you can produce as much as you can pump, even if your not pregnant.
I love how they move quickly and fight exercise boredom, but mostly I love how much they kick my booty! My gym membership ends Jan 31st because I’ll be doing a lot of traveling off and on before officially moving the beginning of May so these ideas will really help me! There’s nothing better than waking up, whipping out your yoga mat, and busting out a nice flow. You won't be able to complete the wall and strike the joints all at once unless the wall is very small.
Take up a trowel-length of mortar from your mortarboard and butter the ears with a downward swiping motion of the trowel. Adjust the position of the block so it's level along the top of the course and from side to side -- tap the blocks into position with the end of the trowel handle. Butter the ears of the second block in this course and continue laying the block three or four courses high. Grab the block by the sides of the webs and, looking down into the cores, push it into place, lining it up with the others.
In order for the pilasters to receive proper support, you must pour your footing to support them, inserting lengths of rebar into the footing where the cores of the pilaster will be. You will also have to install rebar in the footing of a retaining wall and core-fill the wall for added strength. Throw mortar for the following course between the leads, butter the ears of each block and set them, working from the leads to the center and keeping the block a consistent distance from the mason's line.
Most backyard block walls won't need control joints; they are necessary for walls more than 60 feet long.
When the mortar will just dent enough to hold a slight thumbprint, it's ready for striking. If you're going to core-fill the top course (for J-bolts, for example) cut a length of metal lath to the width of the block and lay it on top of the next-to-last course. Drill the holes and counterbore them, but wait until the concrete has cured before attaching the board. If you're laying cap blocks, throw mortar on the top edges of the last course and lay the first cap block in the corner. When the pencils are fresh and the notebooks are new and the kids’ backpacks don’t look like they lined the den of a pack of filthy hyenas? I tapped out somewhere in April and at this point, it is a miracle my kids are still even going to school.
I have no idea how I missed the correspondence on this (because I’m not checking backpacks is just a theory), but Brandon is the Costume and Project Parent and I am the Daily Grinder, which is a division of labor we agreed on to ensure our kids actually graduate one day and move out, but he is out of town on a mancation, so this is on me.
Please note my scarf hanging out the bottom of his vest, as well as the soccer socks stretched over his Adidas pants. We walk in the door on the last day, go to the trash can, and immediately start throwing crap out! Also there is a Receptionists Day which you probably are still angry that somebody missed a few weeks ago.
Back in the day, before the blatant corruption set in, people expressed appreciation by baking cookies or a cake, or some small token.Back then, the "rule " was, "it is the thought that counts. Whenever my children wanted to give something to a teacher, they usually baked cookies or made something.
I AM a teacher, and have had up to 195 students at a time (six classes a day of 7th graders, no less than 32-33 per class) and I would never EXPECT gifts at any time of the year. Being a teacher is hard work, but so are many, many other jobs out there including being a mom. I am a teacher who has spent at least $2,000 this past school year alone on educational website subscriptions for my students (not in the school budget), books, pencils, tissues (no longer in the school budget and the principal does not want us to put tissues on the supply list), copy paper (we were told that the supply might run out before the end of the school year so I bought a case just in case!), and so many other incidentals.
You begin with ideals, hopefully, learn it's harder than you thought possible, so there was good reason to be nervous.
My favorite gifts are handmade or just a simple note saying thank you for caring about my kid. You are not a teacher, so you probably don't know that Secretaries Week is like a national holiday in most schools.
I've taken to hiding the uncorrected homework in a cupboard so the kids don't ask about it. Your job has probably not increased in paperwork and responsibility with data requirements - all to be completed in the same amount of time as before (with the added stipulation of your pay being commensurate with the performance of the people you work with). I cannot afford to buy birthday and Christmas gifts for everyone in the family let alone all the teachers that my child has had over the years.
And like most kids — I wanted more than I really needed, which motivated me to come up with other ways to make money. I collected aluminum cans from the nearby business park’s dumpsters and sold them to the recycling center, and I sold my old toys in rummage sales. At JBF you simply bring in your items to a local sale, price them, and then two weeks later you receive your consignor check in the mail. Like a newspaper ad, but free, you’ll list your item and it will be up to you to follow through with customers. Compensation will vary depending on the type of medication, the length of the study, and the number of visits. Each platform works differently — but makes it easy as pie to sell your used clothing items. Simply find your gadget on their website, answer some questions, ship it off for free, and get paid via check, Amazon gift card, or PayPal.
You’ll need at least 10 inches of healthy hair — but you can make anywhere from $100 to $4,000 just by selling your locks. With this platform you sign up for free on their site and then set up a Facebook Business Page. Once you make a sale, Fiverr will keep of fee of $1.00 and payments will be made via PayPal.
Decide which items you’d like to sell (minimum of 10 items per transaction) and send them in using a pre-paid shipping label. Your first visit will take approximately 2 hours for donation screening, medical check, and retrieval time. List your tickets for free, once they sell, StubHub collects a 15% fee from the total sale. If anything, only sell to body builders or sports junkies (many will pay top dollar for a healthy, all natural supplement). At first I would only follow the p90x plan but now I make up my own using p90x on some days and walmart workout dvds on others.
I’ve been loving all the different circuit and HIIT workouts floating around lately, I keep printing them off and switching things up which keeps it fresh.
If you plan to stucco the wall, simply scrape off excess mortar instead of striking the joints. Then press down on the mortar on the inside edge of the ear to keep it from falling off when you set the block. You can attach mason's blocks and line from one corner to the other to help keep them straight. From time to time and after the mortar has set up slightly, trim away any excess with the trowel.
Lay a mortar bed on the footing between the leads, and set the block, working from both sides to the center. If there's not enough room, trim the block with a cold chisel or circular saw and a masonry blade. Poke the trowel up and down in the cores a couple of times to make sure the mortar is thoroughly distributed.
Butter the ends of the remaining block and set them centered on the wall, tapping them level. Moms, remember how you packed innovative and nutritional lunches and laid clothes out the night before and labeled shelves for each child’s work and school correspondence and completed homework in a timely manner?
I can only handle around two, so I’m going with Sydney and Caleb because they both like to read and the other three are just going to have to enroll in Life Skills Class one day and develop a trade.
It takes her about six minutes to sound out each word, and so if the book is one hundred words, well, I don’t specialize in math but I am telling you that I am stuck in that room FOREVER. And why do we have to do this at bedtime when I’m one click away from becoming that scary under-the-bed-mother in “Mama” (GO TO BED OR I AM ACTUALLY GOING TO DIE AND THEN HAUNT YOU FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE AS A TERRIFYING CLOWN). I cannot even handle signing a folder in late May; a colonial costume is cause for full, unrestrained despair. It makes me feel so good to know that the feelings I had when my children were growing up were real and others were feeling the same way. My gift is helping my patients and their families through the toughest times in their lives. When we lived in Atlanta, GA, in one of the "worst" neighborhoods in all of Atlanta, I saw the best teachers ever who gave more of their time, resources, love, time, energy, time, and so much more, to my son, and the many other children attending that school.
After all, for most families, teachers see our children more hours out of the day than we do! I'm an exhausted teacher at this point and my job does encompass EVERYTHING you described! But if you're truly an educator, at some point perhaps in the first year or the second it ceases to be a job and turns into what it seems you were born to do.

I homeschool for various reasons (the above article being one of the bigger ones) and one of the things I have taught my children (hopefully) is to show appreciation, if you are thankful because somebody has done something for you, you do something for them.
I even sold my body to science, by participating in numerous pharmaceutical research studies. With Craigslist just remember to use common sense and general safety precautions when meeting people and accepting payments (cash only). Once you’ve completed that step you’ll add the Lea Black store to your Facebook Page and sell products from there.
Like my wedding dress is been lying in my closet for some time now but there is no site to sell here. I hope you enjoy little glimpses into my life and have fun trying the sweaty workouts I frequently share and making some of my favorite recipes along the way!
I also like to bike on days when the weather is nice, but lately it’s been rather cold.
The other day I posted a really challenging (for me at least) tabata workout that can be done at home- check it out if you want! Strike the horizontal joints first then the vertical joints to allow water to run freely down the wall.
Teachers receive gifts out of tradition, and because we become a "second mom" (and sometimes an only mom) to many of our children. Because school is out in 4 more days, and there's nothing like a deadline to force me off the couch. I work in a very low SES school so I don't expect gift but I'm sure glad when I receive a card, a scribble or a dollar-store gift I don't need or when a parent thanks me on the phone for going above and beyond with his kid. Yes, good teachers go above and beyond what many other professionals do, but it makes all the difference in how we impact our students year to year.
I think this might be a bit different though than feeling pressured to buy a gift for your child's teacher. When it is bigger than they can handle, they send the student to the school NURSE (who also deserves an armload of respect) to help them feel better.
Your interaction with other individuals likely occurs for periods of 30 seconds to four minutes (not 7 hours a day, five hours a week). The point being … when you’re short on cash there are TONS of ways to make extra money by selling things.
With eBay you’ll list your items online, once they sell, you’ll ship them to the customer and you’ll get paid via PayPal. Connie Brentford is making good money on Fiverr – she even wrote an e-book about it, How I Made An Extra $1,200 Per Month At Home Using One Free Website. Donors are allowed to donate two times in a 7 day time period and subsequent visits only take one hour.
With article databases they publish your recipe online and then place ads alongside your recipe. List your wedding items, prom dress, wedding dress, or wedding gown to tons of potential buyers. You can also cut and bend reinforcement bar into a right angle, and push the reinforcement into the mortar. This is a second career for me and in spite of what it has become over the years, the children inspire me because there is nothing better than seeing them progress and change throughout the school year. I'm on every day of the week, think, plan and spend for my kids every day and although I would not get paid enough to be a receptionist, the job stops as soon as you leave your desk.
I mean, really, what can I give to a teacher who had to deal with my son all year without any help? Nevermind that there's no way some families, especially with multiple children, can afford it, but also, why perpetuate the idea of more stuff?
One of the office staff at my school had to take home some of her goodies this week because she couldn't function in the office due to all the decorations. The people with whom you interact probably don't rely on you for food they did not get at home, consolation for the father who just left, or understanding for why they just don't feel good or didn't get much sleep last night.
If we allow our kids to "check out" a month early, what kind of message do you think that gives them? Once your image receives 5 positive ratings from other Foap users – your photo will be published for sale. The more page views to your recipe, the greater revenue share you earn, and the more recipes you share, the more earnings you’ll make. But at the end of the school year, when I’ve logged approximately 688 million hours with such gripping plots like The mother and the brother went to the store, which takes 12 minutes to decode, then I have to look at the ceiling and sing hymns in my brain to get through it. I've been nagging my daughter for weeks to get her room cleaned up, and I now realize that's going to finally happen the day before school lets out. Winter break was spent cleaning and organizing my classroom as it was the only time I could really make a mess to get the place cleaned and spring break, yes thank you, my hubby and I vacationed every spring break (well at least for the past 4 years).
Every day is different with new joys and challenges, and I get to meet a brand new group of remarkable children each year while feeling sad as my current group moves up to the middle school. ALSO, I for one wouldn't want to feel that kids were giving me things because it was expected of them. My administration does not have time to deal with every kid that didn't have their homework.
Know your limitations - and respect and appreciate those who do other jobs on a daily basis.
We do not expect GIFTS from everyone, but we are human, and it is not wrong to expect a little appreciation or acknowledgement for the commitment, time, and interest invested in helping to raise children be the best that they can be.
I spent many nights wondering why I was not informed sooner, but now I wish I was included in some of it.
I left teaching last year and sad to say couldn't be happier in a corporate job where I earn twice what I earned as a teacher and have more time off than ever.
However, I think it's pretty entitled for anyone of any profession, no matter how many hours and endless ounces of energy they put into it, to expect gifts and grump about it if no one delivers. I have spent my own personal money on clothes, shoes, Christmas presents, last week I even bought a resident's grandaughter a birthday present because he had not the money nor the capability of purchasing one.
The best end of year gift is a handmade card that I can read again years from now and remember that child like no time has passed. For both parents, students and teachers, meditation is a scientifically proven method of managing stress, focus, adds hours to the day through a relaxation deeper than sleep, increases brain function, helps with appreciation of life and more.
The POINT, imho is that you want to feel appreciated, not that they have one more thing to stress about. Teachers and staff in schools have nothing but the utmost respect for their school secretaries.
She disappears to her upstairs room and I only see her at supper time and when it is time to give good night hugs and kisses, which I am still grateful for everyday!
I want to live in your imaginary world where my failure to do the School Stuff doesn’t mean our kid is the only one not wearing a purple shirt or didn’t have his pictures in the slideshow or didn’t bring in a handmade card for his teacher like every other student. Teachers get special benefits all over the place anyway-- I thoroughly enjoy my teacher discounts at Barnes & Noble and office supply stores. They went above and beyond what I thought was "their job." The truth is, teachers everywhere are a special breed. I have loved my residents and have cried with them in their final years and have cried for them as they are "celestially discharged." I am their advocate and protector. Most often this occurs in the summer because during the school year, they are taking care of, nurturing, challenging, teaching, growing YOUR children into being better than they were before.
And if it's lunch time, we all know office staff generally don't get lunch!!!!, they are doing the lunch duty stuff AND get to take care of the children you should be consoling. Either last minute knowledge or not being asked for help (at an early age I told her, "It is your homework not mine, there is a dictionary and a thesaurus to help you find words and learn how to spell and define them.").
As far as the gifts---it is nice to be appreciated and a handwritten card will suffice-no money necessary-write it on a piece of scrap paper or a fast food napkin, in crayon-2 words: Thank you. It's a thankless job many times, and they are just hoping for some parental support, and yes, for children (and parents) to be a little appreciative by the end of the year.
I pray that I never am placed in a situation where I have to physically protect from harm and danger in such a way that places myself in danger, but, placed in that situation, I know I would do what I would have to. Thanks to Jen for making me laugh so hard and truly appreciate the daily struggles of raising children.
We are the ones following up on the kids who got in a tiff on the playground, or arranging a lunch for the kid who doesn't have lunch money. They don't have time to take graduate level courses, so this must happen during the summer. There are children in other countries that risk their lives to get an education on a daily basis.
And you should also know, that whopping 15 minutes is often the only break we have all day (once all kids are settled and eating). I thought I was doing the right thing by teaching her to be independent, but I have missed helping her as well.
And yes, my girls are out on their own and my husband and I are enjoying the empty nest syndrome in our early fifties. Next year’s teachers will get a fresher version of us in August, and they won’t even know the levels of suckage we will succumb to by May. Those of you who are educators: Thank you for your service to the children you teach, their families, and to a better society. This is the profession I have chosen and if I get a thank you in an occasional obituary, I am satisfied.
Kudos to those who have to deal with unruly kids whose parents are thrilled that they have somewhere to drop them off for 7 hours and get a break. Kudos to the receptionists who act as a gatekeeper at the schools who have to deal with self entitlement parents.

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