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With the ‘pop' of the housing bubble, many investors in real estate put a hold on expanding their portfolios. Leverage is borrowed capital that is used to increase the amount of return from an investment. What is also important to understand about buying a home is that you are not taxed on the increased value of your property. It is not a secret that each year we all file our taxes and wonder why we are writing such a large check to the Government. It is always a good idea to determine what your goals are and make a strategic plan of investment. About Us We are a group of investors who are dedicated to the education and advancement of individuals looking to become financially free.
Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you were a real estate mogul, like Donald Trump? Think about never having to cook dinner again, never having to worry about getting sick, being able to pay off all of your credit cards, student and auto loans and being completely debt free or being able to take care of your aging parents.
With the economy taking a nose dive, many people can't afford to buy real estate right now, and financing is near impossible for investment properties.
What is pre-developed land?"Pre-developed" means that the land is useable and buildable, and that the necessary infrastructure is already in place, such as water, utilities, transportation, schools, industries and jobs, to support a growing population, yet there is still a lot of land left to buy and build on. If you live in Southern California, you know that Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, especially the cities of Corona, Norco and Chino Hills, were the same way, up until the past 5 years or so. The answer is the Antelope Valley!!The Antelope Valley contains some of the last, usable, buildable land in Southern California, and it's all on sale right now, but in a few short years, the demand will far outweigh the supply, sending prices through the roof! According to the Census Bureau, North Los Angeles County, where the Antelope Valley is located, is slated to grow almost 200% by the year 2030! The stock market is volatile, and if you've invested in low risk funds, you'll never keep up with the inflation that is sure to come in the near future.
Please contact me if you'd like more information about Land Banking or any other services we offer. I 'd love to help you achieve the dream of financial independence and true wealth, through land ownership! Originally Posted by Fat Wolf I am a Realtor myself, same as you at California, It is free now? In Post #36, the seller replied to a question of whether all the needed contracts and other documents are provided. As stated, in the rest of the thread, since you want to base your opinions on what is said in the thread instead of the actually sales letter, the original thread was sessing the full course, for waaaaaay more than the price you paid. As stated in thr OP (the only one that matters) AND in later threads I say I took down the original product and was only offering the condensed version.
I thought I was gonna get a method he is using to buy properties without using any of his cash or credit.

Originally Posted by timpears I thought I was gonna get a method he is using to buy properties without using any of his cash or credit. What this means is that a mortgage can be used to increase the return of your down payment because of the lower interest paid on real estate and the higher rate of appreciation from real estate.
Everything Investments understands that we all have a unique situation and learning how to take advantage of that uniqueness is important. All of our relatives knew this, which is why a family member approached my grandfather about buying real estate with him, back in the late 50's.They asked if he would be interested in investing in some land, in a little known area of Southern California, called Orange County. He felt that his money was safer in the BANK, in a regular savings account, where he could never lose! Are you laughing too? Those family members recently sold the property (that they were smart enough to buy on their own) to DISNEY! Even with prices plummeting in Southern California, it's still an unattainable dream for most families.Isn't that always the way? This is truly remarkable, considering that 2007 marked the peak of the real estate market for Southern  California!
It's like the perfect storm and even Arnold Schwarzenegger owns a substantial amount of land there.
They have also estimated a 202% housing growth in the Antelope Valley, over that same period of time! It's important to remember that historically, periods of recession are always followed by inflation- It's just the cyclical nature of the market.You can now roll useless retirement accounts into a Self Directed IRA, and invest in Southern California real estate! You only get offered lifetime access when you try to access products you have not purchased and it gives you the information on how to do so. If that still does not work please create a support ticket with the link you are trying to access.
However, smart investors know they can still buy real estate and make a profit.Short-term vs.
As with a traditional lender, the homebuyer signs a real estate note agreeing to pay a certain amount each month for the cost of the home, as well as interest. Real estate investing can lead to increased cash flow, lower taxes, and investment opportunities. A simple way to look at this is to evaluate what would happen if you have $20,000 and you invest it in stocks over 15 years, how much will you likely make. The IRS allows part of your interest to become a tax write off, and certain home improvements can also be a tax write off. Carefully weigh the options that you have available and then make a decision about what is best for your portfolio.
The land was in a city called Anaheim, on Katella, just a few blocks away from Harbor Boulevard.

When the economy is good and people have money to burn, prices rise, making it unaffordable to buy real estate, especially Southern California real estate. At best, they're breaking even, so you may have retained your principal, but what have those accounts really done for you long term? Long-term InvestmentsEven now, Cape Coral real estate can be a short-term or long-term investment. Sure you are hit with capital gains tax if you sell, but that is so much better than paying each year on the increased value of you real estate investment. If you have a home business, then you can actually deduct part of your utilities, part of your mortgage and other costs each year. Now, if you're familiar with Southern California, or have ever been to Disneyland, you're beginning to understand where this story is going. OUCH- it hurts just to say it!Knowing this, I've always remembered the old saying "soil don't spoil", and my husband and I began investing in Orange County, California real estate in 1999. Take the same $20,000 and use it as a down payment on a home, and in 15 years what have you earned? My husband and I just went through the process, which was VERY easy, and without any penalty or taxes! The investor receives that amount every month for the life of the loan or until the home and interest is paid off. Not only is it significantly more likely that your home has appreciated better than your stock investments, but also at the end of your 15 years of mortgage you now have a $0 monthly house payment. It is always best to sit down with a tax professional to discuss your exact situation, but the benefit is still there.
It was lucrative, a lot of fun and we gained untold amounts of knowledge and expertise in the process. I was also able to help others do the same, which was a great feeling!What Can You Do If You Have No Savings To Buy With? However, once signed, the real estate note is a negotiable instrument; in other words, it can be sold to the highest bidder. Look around at the great deals available and see what you can make happen in 2010!If you're looking for a great short or long-term investment property, I can help.

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