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WordsOnImages is where users Discover & Share Inspiring Pictures & Famous quotes about Life, Love, Friendship, Success, Happiness and various other topics. Is this proof that consciousness and intention can affect the “physical” material world around us? Advertisements Consciousness has measurable effects on the geometric structure of water crystals. What does this tell us about the nature of consciousness? Previous article5 Mysterious Ruins That Predate Known Civilization?Next articleCould the Strange Prehistoric Carved Stone Balls Represent Atoms? Either way, I believe in the idea that all objects, including inanimate objects, harbor the energies surrounding them. Thanks for viewing "Positive thoughts, quotes, sayings, best, joel osteen ".You can also find us on popular social media sites including Facbook, Pinterest, Google+ & Tumblr.
Masaru Emoto, a researcher and alternative healer from Japan has given the world a good deal of evidence of the magic of positive thinking.
He then instructed school children to say the labels on the jars out loud everyday when they passed them by.

Ice crystals formed from both sets of water samples were blindly identified and photographed by an analyst, and the resulting images were blindly assessed for aesthetic appeal by 100 independent judges.
I won't spend anymore time explaining something to someone who only thinks in one perspective. The important thing is that the guy who did this experiment might get a result, but he can't explain why - so he puts it down to mumbo jumbo.
All this proves is that we are irrational animals, we make our own reality and believe whatever seems most aligned with our outlook because we are egocentric.
He became famous when his water molecule experiments featured in the 2004 film, What The Bleep Do We Know? After 30 days, the rice in the container with positive thoughts had barely changed, while the other was moldy and rotten.
In conclusion, the present pilot results are consistent with a number of previous studies suggesting that intention may be able to influence the structure of water. Here is a photo of the effects direct states of conscious intention has on the structure of water. So if you start being negative to the rice, the bacteria grows well whereas if you're positive to it, the bacteria can't grow?

The experiment does not prove anything conclusively, because the mechanism is not understood. And yes, Ed just haven't done his research on bacterial growth yet which has been proven SCIENTIFICALLY to be a product of oxygen and energy.
I so wish that critical thinking skills as well as an appreciation and understanding of the scientific method were engrained in all of us at an early age. His experiments demonstrate that human thoughts and intentions can alter physical reality, such as the molecular structure of water. Another one mentioned plants (living organisms composed of water and need water to survive). Given that humans are comprised of at least 60% water, his discovery has far reaching implications… can anyone really afford to have negative thoughts or intentions?

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