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He said a number of indicators, such as rising female education, growing empowerment of women in society, boom in the rural economy, rise in worker’s remittances and increase in exports showed that Pakistan will be Asia’ success story in the near future. He said that Pakistan was the world’s major untapped market, which enjoyed excellent relations with all the world’s major powers and countries.
Growing gap between dismal official economic statistics and consumption boom coupled with strong corporate profits in Pakistan is a challenge for many analysts around the world. He said Pakistan had a reasonable infrastructure, legal system, English language education already in place and enjoyed advantages of young population and rich resource endowments including holding countless mineral reserves, tourist potential landscape, enviable location advantage and vibrant agriculture sector.

Pakistan was attracting interest of more and more companies in the Asia-Pacific region which planned to relocate to Pakistan for business, he added. Shoudln’t this kind of projection come from a neutral party such as a global financial institution? Most believe that Pakistan’s GDP is, in fact, much larger and growing faster than the government data indicates. Javed said interaction with foreign correspondents was part of the interactive initiative by the high commission to project the soft image of Pakistan and its growing importance as an investment destination for the companies of the Asia-Pacific region.

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