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Working with Claire helped to clarify things – it’s easy to lose the focus of what a business should be about. The videos came at just the right time as I was about to be distracted by other money making ideas that would have removed my focus from building my business. With crowdfunding, members of the public can pool their resources to help you hit your fundraising target, investing anything from ?10 each.
In a short period of time we’ve grown the business considerably and we are on track to make 2014 our best year by far.
For me, being always busy developing the product, managing customers etc – yes it was all vital, but not really helping to grow the business, or even put it on a footing to do that. It’s what you set out to do at the beginning as a business owner, but as I said earlier, when the day to day stuff starts kicking in, it’s easy to lose sight of that.

At the time I had been in business about a year and was challenged with not knowing where I was headed and how to reach my potential clients, income was not growing as I hoped. The accountability has worked well for me and she has kept me inspired all the way through.  I now feel like my fledgling business can turn into a full time one with the ability to support me financially. Claire is very approachable and a pleasure to work with and is full of advice on how to get the best result.  She is very open to suggestions, putting my needs first and checking that I’m happy with everything.
Read about all the latest crowdfunding deals here, along with information on how crowdfunding works and top tips for success. I was spending too much time working IN the business on low value tasks, rather than working ON the business.
Then it becomes a habit and before you know it you are ticking over, but not achieving full potential. Her videos, which are easy watching and thought provoking, helped focus me and I was able to identify my target income and clients as well as my own limiting beliefs.

Then they become habit forming and before you know it you can forget that business growth would enable you to take on staff, delegate, make more money and reduce stress.
As a result of working with Claire & getting fixed targets down on paper I have much more focus.
I have since started tracking client enquiries and, now I know the clients I want to attract, have been able to start targeting them directly instead of my previous scattergun approach. I have streamlined some areas of business including delegating some areas which were eating up my time.

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