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If you are or have been involved in any type of network marketing company have you ever wondered why most of the representatives aren’t making any money? It’s no secret that when you find a success formula, you emulate it and keep it moving!
If you want to start seeing immediate positive changes in your business and any other area of your life, then I suggest you study attitude (I highly recommend Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Gold Book of YES! One of the most important things to consider before choosing a side business is to follow your heart. Once you have found something you are passionate about, try not to get stuck in one set of ideas of how it will show up in business. You may think that connecting with others in your niche is like going over to enemy camp; however, the opposite is true.
When you first go into business for yourself, even as a side business, your hopes will most likely be high. PS: Once you’ve have a couple of ideas of what type of business you’d like to start, the next step is to research the viability of that business.  How do you do that? Successful entrepreneurs increase their profits because they developed great relationships. I really love all of the points that you outlined here, specifically the ones on the fact that there ARE going to be setbacks and it may not end up how you first envisioned. I went from 1,191,000 on Alexa and now I'm down to 584,699 and now I have another way to get that ranking lower faster.

Does the mere thought of doing more than you already have on your plate sound frightening, at best? Have you always dreamed of cooking for others, crafting beautiful handmade items for others to enjoy in their homes, or selling products to help others improve their lives? Perhaps you wanted to start your craft business selling anything and everything you could think of, but then realized that the only thing you are raking in the dough on is holiday crafts. If you find yourself with a good group of individuals who have the same values and interests, you will also find that you also have a lot to share with one another. Theresa has put together a 15-part ecourse of the most effective tactics she has used for over 20-years to build rapport and it's her gift to you. If I only knew then, what I know how, I’m sure that things would have been very different.
Immediately afterwards and continuously through the rest of the two day, people streamed up to me and complimented me. Over the years I have spent money on event tickets, airline tickets, hotel rooms, meals and let’s not forget all the products purchased at those events.
You may even wish to talk to others in your niche and ask them what setbacks they faced early on so that you can have some procedures in place when things fall apart a bit. I think the biggest mistake was not knowing to get a coach and how to leverage social media.
To help you focus and keep pressing forward doing what you need to do on a daily basis to get ahead in your business.

A successful side business doesn’t just happen, you have to be committed to it and be willing to let it grow and evolve. If you are serious about starting a side business, you will need to set some policies and procedures in motion. There are always set backs and it’s good you mentioned that because it makes it really easy to want to quit at times.
Do this every day for a year and you are bound to have a much better attitude than you have today. How much more likely are you willing to follow through on a task if you know that at the end of the day or week you have to answer to someone else? Here’s some advice regarding accountability, make sure the person you are taking advice from or being accountable to has some measurable success.
In addition, every successful business person I know has someone they are accountable to, so don’t short change the process, rather, embrace it.

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