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Try to see things from others perspectives and understand that we are all united in so far as we all endure struggles and battle with our fears. Growing up I was very fortunate that my mother had taught me the importance of kindness from an early age. In the early nineties when I was twelve years old I went on holiday to Durban, South Africa, to visit my mom’s family. As my dad and I chatted away, an African man walked by on the pathway at the foot of the driveway. I was so taken aback that this elderly man, someone who for all intense purposes I should have been paying respect to, had shown such kindness to me, someone he didn’t even know, despite his countries racist history when it would have been quite understandable had he hated whites for what they had caused his race to endure. In shock at the genuine kindness he extended to me and humbled by his gentle and sincere soul, I had only just digested what had happened by the time the man had continued to walk on.
I started to cry uncontrollably and plead with my dad to invite him into the house for coffee but by that time he was all but gone.
Although I can’t claim to have shown an act of kindness of the same magnitude as that elderly African man, I like to think I have followed in my mother’s footsteps.
The kindness I have received in the past has touched me greatly, even to this day I remember that African man who greeted me at the bottom of my grandmother’s driveway when I was just a child. Please spend just a few moments sharing your story with our community, your story has more power than you realize – someone who desperately needs to be reminded the world can still be a kind place may well be touched by your story.
I remember the feeling I had when I paid for my parents to go on their anniversary honeymoon, I was so happy I could say thank you to them in this way for everything they had done for me over the years. Please spend just a little time sharing your story, your story may well inspire someone to reach out and act in kindness or even do our thirty day kindness challenge, spreading kindness even further. Next month’s hot topic is particularly close to my heart and is called ‘What’s in it for me? As part of this month’s hot topic I have a thirty day kindness challenge to do one kind thing a day for thirty days so we can test the theory for ourselves and see our happiness soar to new heights. When we seek to find the silver lining it helps us to not dwell on the negative, adds to our sense of life meaning and purpose (for example I believe my breakdown positively impacted the person I have become) and ultimately propels us forward.
Over the years I’ve come to believe that releasing tension is critical if we are to develop greater resilience. For me this is my bedroom but it can be any room of your choosing, so long as it serves as a place where you can get away from it all. Last week we looked at behaviors and beliefs to help us build up our resilience, this week we discover the last fundamental steps in order to foster greater resilience. Almost all of the resilient people I know invest in their relationships with family and friends.
One of the things resilient people do really well is to ask for help when they are facing trials.
True bravery is not in the absence of fear but in conquering fear when it presents itself and that takes courage.
This philosophy relates to goals more than relationships as, although I hold a similar view with relationships, ultimately, relationships need the commitment of two people to truly make things work in the long term.
Every Act Of Conscious Learning Requires The Willingness To Suffer An Injury To One’s Self-Esteem. Overcome insecurity and build your self esteem with this superb high quality hypnosis tape by Glenn Harrold.
Increasing Self-Esteem - Building Self-esteemIncreasing self-esteem may be one of the toughestchallenges we face. We choose the story we tell ourselves every day in the friendswe pick, in our relationships with our family and life partners,and in the work that we do.

Make the movie in your mind a hero's tale - one of high self-esteem and positive aspirations. This week we examine the different types of kindness and how to foster greater kindness within. Spontaneous kindness usually results from a need we see in others in the moment, like offering to carry an old ladies shopping bags when we can see she is struggling or asking a friend who looks upset if she wants to talk or if there’s anything we can do to help. For example, for my parents 40th anniversary I sent them on honeymoon as they had never had one when they first got married. If you don’t feel empathic towards others initially you can prompt loving feelings by being kind first, as often when we are kind, feelings of empathy naturally follow. She always said that it is more important to be kind than liked, and, as I matured, I’ve realized how right she was. One hot and humid summer’s day I was standing in the driveway of my grandmother’s house talking with my dad. I suddenly felt overwhelmed by love for him and so saddened at him having experienced the horrid apartheid regime.
I like to think he is in heaven now, though I am saddened by the thought that he possibly never knew what a profound and lasting impact he had on me. I buy food for the homeless, I help write my friends resumes and I give money to causes that I care about. It genuinely gave me such joy to see them so happy, it was as if I was going on holiday myself. The more we communicate how transformative kindness can be, the more blessings we can pass on to others and also ourselves. Join me in exploring a more compassionate and happy existence as we embark on a kindness project like no other.
After having been negative in the past and viewing difficulty as having no redeeming qualities, to now being positive and seeking the silver lining, I can say that my approach now has infinitely helped my resilience. The silver lining of life’s trials has many forms, whether it be learning a life lesson, developing inner strength, developing character, changing the course of one’s life for the better, not taking life for granted, increasing intimacy with those we love or discovering who our true friends are in the first place.
It took a lot of conditioning to be positive to begin to recognize the benefits of life’s trials. There are so many ways we can unwind, each extremely beneficial to our well being and resilience. This needn’t be expensive so here are my top tips for creating a relaxation haven in your very own home. Does it not follow however, that having the courage to face scary situations will inevitably make you stronger? They know that when tough times hit these are the people who will rally around and sustain you.
They openly share the cause of their distress with their friends and family so they receive the support that they need. Having the courage to confront what scares you will foster greater levels of inner strength, increasing your confidence that no matter what comes your way you will be able to deal with it.
This isn’t to say that trying different strategies to save a relationship isn’t worthwhile, in fact I would advise you to do so, but in the end both people need to want to repair the relationship as a bare minimum.
Developing a positive outlook and strong inner self-beliefs will give you more self- confidence.
Then you walk through life with a certain fortitude - a knowledge that despite what obstacles may come, you will not merely endure, you will triumph. You don't have to climb mountains or jump out of airplanes to step to the beat of a strong and courageous drummer.

To me, kindness is a combination of all of these, it is someone extending genuine understanding and compassion towards another and then expressing this concern through gentle, thoughtful acts. This could be as simple as giving money to a homeless person so they could sleep at a hostel that night or even comforting a friend in need during tough times. The series looks at how, by making just a few minor changes, we can reap the benefits of long term happiness by being kinder.
Indeed many who have faced adversity find this, that a large factor in building resilience is being able to see the positive side of life’s challenges.
Here are some soul seeking questions I asked myself so I could better understand the benefits to the challenges I experienced, I hope they will enable you to see some positives amongst the pain, however small.
In my experience consistently facing our fears makes us stronger and more confident, so that when tough times hit, we know we will have more experience handling tough situations, thereby increasing our resilience. It’s so important to nurture your relationships, it boosts your emotional health and ensures you have a strong support network you can call on no matter what you may be going through.
Such help and support is vital to anyone who is going through a rocky period and the strength it offers you will be indispensable in handling your troubles. The more I pondered the question as to whether there is ever a right time to give up, the more certain I became that if something is truly important to you, you owe it to yourself to keep trying. If after years of hard work I seemed to reach a dead end I may well want to give up and even if I didn’t, I might not be able to imagine that it would ever be published if I felt discouraged. Hypnotherapy is a uniquely effective way of programming the mind to overcome self-doubt and to raise self esteem. Hypnotic echoed background vocals panning from left to right across the stereo range - a deeply relaxing and uniquely hypnotic effect. Once we consciously look for these opportunities and act upon them when they arise, we develop a deeper sense of fulfillment and happiness in life. The joy I felt in knowing that my parents had a luxury trip away – the type of holiday they would never have planned for themselves – was immense and made me feel incredibly happy.
If you find that you are continually failing to be kind to yourself, read my article on self-esteem and my more advanced article on self-compassion. He looked at us and gave us a wide genuine smile and then slowly lifted his hat and lowered it to his chest to say hello.
For more on creating and maintaining deep nourishing friendships please read my article titled ‘Why Building Strong Friendships is Important for Our Health’.
Similarly, they seek out help in the form of therapy and mentors when they feel they need additional support and encouragement.
60 beats per minute digital sound effects & powerful subliminal suggestions - all compounding the overall effect. This powerful tape is a completely safe and very effective way of building your self-esteem. Utilising skilled, clinical hypnotherapy techniques, you are given multiple layered post hypnotic suggestions and affirmations to develop powerful inner feelings of love and self respect.
You will automatically feel more assertive and self-assured and you will develop an inner peace and self-esteem that will grow stronger. This will help you develop self esteem and help you to express your self more clearly and confidently.

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