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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. CONCLUSION BCI research is an interdisciplinary endeavor involving neuroscience , engineering , signal processing, and clinical rehabilitation , and lies at the intersection of several emerging technologies such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence among others.
MIT: In a collaborative project called Brainput, MIT, Indiana University, and Tufts University have developed a system that can identify when your brain is overtasked and offload some of the work to a computer.
Wikipedia: One Welsh town combines QR Codes with Wikipedia to provide additional context and stories for every building, exhibit, school, and landmark in the town. Coca-Cola: To promote a new online radio station, Coke FM, Coca-Cola hosted a live concert with a popular band in Columbia. SayDuck: This augmented reality application allows shoppers to place and view furniture in their homes. Processes• Principle Component Analysis (PCA) -reduce the dimensionality of the feature vector• Classification Method - to build classifier which discriminate between labels. The system uses functional near-infrared spectroscopy (a low-cost fMRI) attached to your head (see the image below), but wireless models are in development. Once connected, you can remotely control the device and link it to other connected devices.

Concert attendees had to use Coke FM mobile to download songs from the band’s lastest album to lower the band to the stage.
As more data becomes available, this customization and pairing will only become more common.
In this example, as shown below, you can filter your results based on whether or not you were searching for the Los Angeles Kings, the tv show Kings, or the Sacramento Kings.
Although BCIs wouldn’t cure disease, they have already gone a long way to reducing disabilities. This technology has the potential to reduce long term medical care with an immediate repair. Although in the short run, this may make medicine more expensive for insurance companies, in the long run, health care costs may be dramatically reduced by efficient manufacturing of BCI devices.
However, an extension of this is to use advanced sensors and a BCI to improve human sense past the point they normally are.
For instance, a BCI connecting a human to a sensor that can see more than just the visible spectrum or the audible spectrum has the potential to have technologically assisted ‘super senses’. In the same way, BCI enhancements to non damaged bodies would probably also have to be made illegal for competitive sporting events!

One of the biggest complains about armed UAVs is that they are not piloted by a human that has situational awareness and an emotional or human understanding of the situation. Instead they are piloted by remote control and targeting systems that have lag in performance. Network connections aside, a virtual pilot could easily pilot an aircraft through a BMI with the same performance and reactions that make human pilots so effective, with the safety of an unmanned vehicle.
In the same way, a bomb disposal unit could control an EOD robot and limit the risk to human lives. Military structures have long been developed in order to better command and control a giant army- from flags to horns and drums, to radio communications. A commander controlling orders at the speed of thought will have faster reaction times and the ability to react and digest combat information much faster.

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