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When someone grasps an object, this motion can actually be broken down into two separate actions: reaching their hand out toward the object, and closing their hand around it. The spinal cord starts at the brain and descends through the vertebral column to the lower back. On the two sides of the spinal cord, 31 pairs of nerves emerge, consisting of the axons of its motor neurons. This explains why some people lose the use of their legs when their spinal cord is severed at the lower back.

A lesion in the lateral corticospinal tract will interfere mostly with closing the hand around the object, but will have little effect on the reaching motion, which is controlled more by the ventromedial corticospinal tract.
The spinal cord looks like a whitish rope, about the same diameter as your little finger and about 45 cm long. The only neural pathway between the legs and the brain has been cut, so such people can neither move their legs nor feel them. Other people are still more unfortunate, losing the use of their arms as well as their legs when their spinal cords are severed at neck level.

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