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For me, to unplug is to give up craving, to live mindfully, to move toward nirvana (Sanskrit for "complete liberation").
Today, we suffer from a constant craving for information and the need to blast out whatever is on our minds to the rest of the world -- thanks to social media. Therefore, to truly unplug requires a disciplined approach to mentally detach from the in- and outflow of useless information.
Most of the time, I don't wake up at the crack of dawn to tune into news media, write emails, hop on social media or to dive into work-related matters.
Connect with our soul: If we are constantly overwhelmed with sound bites, we aren't allowed to discover what we are capable of and who we are. Lead thyself: To lead teams and cultivate fluid organizations, you need to begin with leading yourself. Since we need to connect, create and lead regularly, it is our obligation to recharge every day.
Since most of us can't fly off to an exotic island, visit a spa, we all need to find our own ways to unplug daily to connect and to lead.
The Sanskrit for mindfulness meditation is shamatha, which translates directly as calm abiding.

3) As you keep an awareness of your exiting breathe, be aware of everything else your senses are telling you--the light on the walls, the sounds on the street, the taste in your mouth. If you are a starting meditation for the first time, appreciate that this is just a safari in your mind.
This detachment then becomes about -- and maybe comes from -- being mindful about what we do every day. If you need to sit in a chair, make sure both feet are flat on the ground and straighten your spine -- not straining it, but allow the spinal column to rest like a stack of coins. Be "right there" with your breathe as it goes out with open focus that Chodron says is "extremely relaxed" and "extremely soft," with about 25 percent of your attention resting on your breathe.
If we look at unplugging from this point of view, a few days of digital detox will be the equivalent to "cutting down a few roots" of a well-grown tree: craving will not stop. Mindfulness has been described as "bringing one's complete attention to the present experience on a moment-to-moment basis." It does not imply taking a vacation every other month or putting away your digital devices for a day or two to reach a fleeting grasp of what might feel like nirvana. But if our peace depends upon conditions being a certain way (aka visiting a "spa"), then we will get very attached.
There's a Zen saying that meditation stretches open the grasping hand of thought -- and as that image suggests, we become much more pliable and open with sitting practice.

And more than anything, give yourself the time to form the habit -- for that is another component of devotion. We become enslaved to our expectations, we want to control our situation and then we become more upset if anything disrupts it and gets in the way of our peace.
To describe it, I'll paraphrase the instructions given by American nun Pema Chodron, in her life-affirming Start Where You Are.
When you realize you are talking to yourself in you mind, you can show some compassion to yourself by simply saying to yourself, "thinking." Whether your thoughts are terrifying or pleasing, name them "thinking" with all your honesty and gentleness. Give meditation a trial run: just do the above practice for ten minutes, every day for three weeks.

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