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The creation of the Galaxy book is unknown, it was said to have been stolen and lost centuries ago. Somewhere between earth and the Yarolian galaxy, the colony of Terra Venture received a distress signal from an unknown species, requesting immediate help.
A second attack resulted in Leo losing the book, which falls out of his backpack over a railing, when he is attacked by the creature and saved by Mike.
The Galaxy book became a top priority of the Science Division, however, the text of the book is of a unknown language and most of Terra Venture's computers couldn't decode it.
Later, Kendrix learned of a weapon called the Savage Sword, a weapon stronger than all the Quasar Sabers combined. The first recital of the spell triggers the arrival of the Guardian of the Galaxy book, who tries to steal it from the Science Division. The Galaxy book makes it's final appearance in Escape the Lost Galaxy when Leo and Kai read the first part of the Keonta spell in reverse.
This week, Apple delivered the highly anticipated MacBook Pro with Retina Display — and the tech world is buzzing. Kyle Wiens is the co-founder and CEO of iFixit, an online repair community and parts retailer internationally renowned for their open source repair manuals and product teardowns. The Retina MacBook is the least repairable laptop we’ve ever taken apart: Unlike the previous model, the display is fused to the glass, which means replacing the LCD requires buying an expensive display assembly.
The design pattern has serious consequences not only for consumers and the environment, but also for the tech industry as a whole. The 2008 Air went in a new direction entirely: It sacrificed performance and upgradeability in exchange for a thinner design. Consumers overwhelmingly voted yes, and the Air grew to take 40 percent of Apple’s notebook sales by the end of 2010. The success of the non-upgradeable Air empowered Apple to release the even-less-serviceable iPad two years later: The battery was glued into the case. Once again, with another product announcement, Apple has presented the market with a choice.
Every time we buy a locked down product containing a non-replaceable battery with a finite cycle count, we’re voicing our opinion on how long our things should last.
The book is purported to hold immeasurable power and knowledge of several subjects, including the Lost Galaxy.
Commander Stanton sent a squad of GSA soldiers (chief among them, Mike and Leo Corbett) to the derelict ship and it was there the Galaxy Book was discovered on the corpse of an alien. After rescuing the rest of the squad from the lower levels of the ship, Leo reclaims the Galaxy book (hidden on another corpse) which triggers another attack from the creature. As such, Kendrix served was one the biggest contributors to the translation of the book's text, learning of the three missing Galactabeasts (and their true identities later on during their enslavement to Deviot).

Psycho Pink (who survived the battle against the Space and Galaxy Rangers), infiltrated the colony's computer systems and absorbed the information from Kendrix's mind. After he's arrested, the Guardian enlists Kai to help him retrieve the book, in order to prevent the future he foresaw happening.
The book released a burst of energy that knocked them over and vanished, becoming a portal out of the Lost Galaxy. I took one apart yesterday because I run iFixit, a team responsible for high-resolution teardowns of new products and DIY repair guides. Launched out of his Cal Poly college dorm room in 2003, iFixit has now empowered upwards of 15 million people to repair their broken stuff.
Its RAM is soldered to the logic board (as in the Retina MacBook Pro), so upgrading it means replacing the entire expensive logic board.
They have two professional laptops: one that is serviceable and upgradeable, and one that is not. And again, we voted with our wallets and purchased the device despite its built-in death clock.
If we choose the Retina display over the existing MacBook Pro, the next generation of Mac laptops will likely be less repairable still.
It also contains information regarding the Galactabeasts and their lost counterparts, the Shark, Phoenix and Rhino Galactabeasts.
To compound matters, the creature that may have attacked the ship, attacked and captured Mike's squadron in an attempt to reclaim the Galaxy book from Leo.
Leo and Mike lead the creature away from the others during their escape and eventually regroup with the others on Heliship as the abandoned ship explodes.
At one point, Trakeena took an interest in the Galaxy Book, enlisting the help of a monster named Rykon to impersonate a friend of Maya's, Shondra, in order to steal the book. However, the untimely arrival of Deviot leads to the death of the Guardian and the capture of the Galaxy Book. Terra Venture and the Astro Megaship manage to escape at the cost of the Magna Defender's powers (wielded by Mike), when Mike forces the closing portal back open with the Torozord so the others could escape. We disassemble and analyze new electronic gizmos so you don’t have to — kind of like an internet version of Consumer Reports. And the battery is glued to the case, requiring customers to mail their laptop to Apple every so often for a $200 replacement.
Apple’s laptops had evolved over two decades of experience into impressively robust, rugged, and long-lasting computers.
I’ve disassembled a few of them myself, and I can attest that they are almost as easy to repair as they are to use.
At the time, I wasn’t very happy with the non-upgradeable RAM on the MacBook Air, but I respected that Apple had given their users a choice.

They’re not exactly equivalent products — one is less expensive and supports expandable storage, and the other has a cutting-edge display, fixed storage capacity, and a premium price tag — but they don’t have the same name just to cause confusion. When Steve Jobs released the “open-minded” Power Mac G3 with a door that opened from the side, the audience oohed and aahed.
Our purchasing decisions are telling Apple that we’re happy to buy computers and watch them die on schedule. Psycho Pink bests both of them and destroys Cassie's morpher, using its energy to heal herself and mutate. Deviot completes the Keonta spell, mutating into a horrible monster and pulling himself and the colony into the Lost Galaxy. The colony escapes the Lost Galaxy, but is pursued by Captain Mutiny, who is promptly destroyed by Trakeena.
The design may well be comprised of “highly recyclable aluminum and glass” — but my friends in the electronics recycling industry tell me they have no way of recycling aluminum that has glass glued to it like Apple did with both this machine and the recent iPad. Apple products have historically retained their value quite well, in part due to third-party repair manuals, but also due to a number of very modular, very upgradeable designs. When we choose a short-lived laptop over a more robust model that’s a quarter of an inch thicker, what does that say about our values?
If we want long-lasting products that retain their value, we have to support products that do so. Kendrix chooses to enter the vortex created by the sword and morpher to save Cassie and Terra Venture. But unlike laptops before it, replacing the Air’s battery required specialized tools and removing some 19 screws. Would we support laptops that required replacement every year or two as applications required more memory and batteries atrophied? And they give us options from time to time and allow product sales to determine their future designs. She dies in the process of destroying the sword, but saves Cassie's morpher and the colony as a result. After her death, the Science Division continued to research the contents of the book, eventually leading to the discovery of the Keonta Spell.

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