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This book comes from the author team that brought you the perennial bestsellers Crucial Conversations and Crucial Confrontations, which have more than one million copies in print worldwide. Kerry is a prolific writer who has coauthored numerous articles and award-winning training programs.
The New York Times best-selling author of PHYSICS OF THE IMPOSSIBLE, PHYSICS OF THE FUTURE and HYPERSPACE tackles the most fascinating and complex object in the known universe: the human brain. Whether you're a CEO, a parent, or merely a person who wants to make a difference, you probably wish you had more influence with the people in your life. Radical Abundance: How a Revolution in Nanotechnology Will Change Civilization (Audiobook) by K. The authors have made 50 years of social science research accessible to the general reader, and go one step further by codifying exactly what is required to be an influencer in every situation.

Kerry taught at Brigham Young UniversityA?A€a„?s Marriott School of Management and then cofounded Interact Performance Systems, where he worked for ten years as vice president of research and development. But most of us stop trying to make change happen because we believe it is too difficult, if not impossible. Eric Drexler is the founding father of nanotechnology--the science of engineering on a molecular level.
As leading expert change agents and communication gurus, the authors are sought after by the media for their expertise.
Kerry is coauthor of the New York Times bestsellers Change Anything, Crucial Conversations, Crucial Confrontations, and Influencer. Whether your goal is to change minds, change markets, or change the world-anything is possible for an influencer.

They have been featured on national television including Today and CNN, and in national newspapers including USA Today and the New York Times.Features focused, intensive study of hundreds of change gurus from around the world, from individuals in small communities to the father of cognitive psychology, Albert Bandura VitalSmarts has worked with more than 300 of the Fortune 500 companies in leadership and communication skills training and has taught more than two million people through their training, seminars, and conferences. Thanks to atomically precise manufacturing, we will soon have the power to produce radically more of what people want, and at a lower cost.

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