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When you are building a software solution to solve a particular problem, you need to be focused on solving the problem and solving it well. With Creately's pre-drawn flowchart templates, smart flowchart symbols, 1-Click Create-N-Connect feature and the powerful interface make flowcharting is a breeze on Creately. You probably have all the supplies you will need for this project right in your recycle bin. Save scrap paper (such as colored handouts form school, phone book covers, magazine pages…) or thin cardboard (such as cereal boxes, crackers and other food boxes, non-food boxes, notebook and coloring book covers…).
To see an example of a paper mosaic made from recycled thin cardboard such as cereal boxes, see my post: St.
This entry was posted in children's crafts (recycled materials), crafts (recycled materials), reuse containers, ice cream, reuse books, reuse calendars, reuse clementine box, reuse magazines, reuse paper printed material on March 14, 2010 by jane. My class and I have been cutting lots of recycled boxes apart into one inch squares to make a mosaic to hang in our school.

Making a decision implies choosing one course of action that has the highest probability of success from several alternative choices. Here at Creately, we chose to use a third party solution to complete a product that we were working on. As flowcharting is considered to be a proven method in documenting processes, we adopted this to brainstorm, evaluate and identify the best alternative possible. Great, check Creately for free now to see how Creately works out to be the best alternative in drawing quick flowcharts online.
Cereal boxes and salvaged note book covers become art when cut into pieces and cleverly arranged.
The most difficult task in decision making involves picking the desired alternative by keeping the level of uncertainty low. In the excitement of getting the product out, we signed up with a 3rd party service without brainstorming on the list of other available alternatives.

But, very few decisions are made with absolute certainty because complete knowledge about the alternatives is hardly available. It is all about greening up your crafting and moving toward a more sustainable way of living.
Maybe you have a better way and would like to share it with the other creative people visiting this site? Thus, decision making involves risk taking, but the degree of risk involved varies between alternatives.
Making use (re-use really) of otherwise unwanted materials is good for the pocketbook and good for the environment.

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