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How Did That Happen?: Holding People Accountable for Results the Positive, Principled Wayby Roger ConnorsA simple, proven approach to improve accountability and your company's bottom line. I say that because this is a prime example of a book that’s better on paper than on a kindle because I was constantly going back to previous pages, underlining, circling, and generally marking up the book.
While I’m sure I’ll get used to those things on a kindle, this book’s scars from my reading and writing in it are proof enough that pHow Did That Happen?: Holding People Accountable for Results the Positive, Principled Way by Roger Conners and Tom Smith is my most recent non-kindle read book. The illustrations, the texta€¦ Ita€™s all sensational.i»?Juliet Eilperin, National Reporter for the Washington Post , June 18, 2012i»?In You Are Stardust, Elin Kelsey works magic.
While I’m sure I’ll get used to those things on a kindle, this book’s scars from my reading and writing in it are proof enough that print isn’t dead!The start of How Did That Happen?, where it talks about the title is a real eye-opener and a game changer for the way people think. This lyrical book effortlessly connects kids to their timeless origins, and the natural world, while teaching them science too. If I had to sum up the impact of the book in one line it would be way towards the front of the book where it suggests instead of looking at a problem or break-down of some sort and saying “How did that happen” we should ask “How did I let that happen?” Those two words are so powerful. If I find someone who does that automatically instead of blaming their employees, the weather, or the economy I’m thrilled and work hard to get out of their way and help them to be great.One of the breakdowns that hit home the closest was when a manager will give vague expectations, unclear boundaries of responsibility and authority, and accountability and then be surprised later when expectations aren’t met.

I dona€™t think Ia€™ve been as blown away by the creativity and beauty of a book in quite a while. Elin Kelsey and Soyeon Kim should be getting some serious recognition for their work in this collaboration.
I can make more money in the short term by cutting back on merchandise in a store so I’m not spending any more. Without giving clear, concise, and measurable outlines of my expectations my employees will find it hard to not disappoint me.
I will be setting them up to fail over and over again by my own carelessness.I can't recommend this book highly enough. The illustrations are fantastic and make a complex subject a€” conservation and sustainable living a€” easy to understand. I fully expect to see it in airports for years to come for business travelers to pick up and read on the way to wherever they're going.Gene Babon May 23, 2010Accountable people get results. If you work for a living, and other people are involved in the process, then this book is a must read, both for you and for others in your organziation."How Did That Happen?" shows you how to hold others accountable for delivering on expectations in a positive, principled way that delivers results.

The authors present a systematic framework for establishing expectations (The Outer Ring) and dealing with unmet expectations (TheAccountable people get results. The first is published in 2001.Robert Chapman May 26, 2013This book was released after and I found it to be a logical companion to .
This book deals with accountability as it relates to expectations in terms of setting them and how to deal with situations where they are not met.I saw the same theme in this book as I did in in that it challenged me to fist look inward before I looked outward.
You may not look at this book (audio is the version I used) to work with Goals and Mission, but I think this is the missing link to things we have done with our team in the past.You can have your Goals and Vision set out, but if you are leading a team, and you do not have a system to put it into action, you just have a piece of paper- it is the ACTION that makes things happen- this book does a good job sharing how to help teams of people take better action, especially if you find yourself in command of a TEAM. All good organizations have a good A lot of information, so my intent is to listen this again about mid-year to see if I have missed anything in regards to Accountability and helping our team to work better with each other.Good stuff!Florence Tandy Dec 20, 2015Great, practical advice for anyone who is responsible for the results of others.

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