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Your attitude has a major influence on your many different aspects of your life and health. Positive Thinking: 5 Benefits of a Positive AttitudeA person’s attitude and way of thinking contribute greatly to theirpersonality.
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Parents' bright or gloomy outlook on life played a major role in their children's comprehension of the power of positive thinking, the study showed.
Children as young as 5 years old understand that positive thinking can make a person feel better, according to a new study. The researchers also found that kids' knowledge about the benefits of positive thinking is strongly influenced by their parents. In the study, 90 mostly white children, ages 5 to 10, were read six illustrated stories in which two characters felt the same emotion after experiencing something positive (such as getting a new puppy), negative (such as spilling milk), or neutral (such as meeting a new teacher).
The children were then told how each character felt on a 7-point scale; the pictures on the scale ranged from a very sad face (0) to a neutral face (3) to a very happy face (6). Next in the story, one character has a separate optimistic thoughtthat puts the fictional event in a positive light. The results showed that children as young as 5 were able to predict that people would feel better after thinking positive thoughts than they would after thinking negative thoughts, showing the strongest understanding of this phenomenon in the ambiguous situations.

Children had the most difficulty understanding how positive thinking could boost someone's spirits in situations that involved negative events, such as falling down and getting hurt. The researchers noted that their findings highlight parental influencein helping children learn how to use positive thoughts to feel better during difficult or negative situations.
The other character has a separate pessimistic thought, putting the event in a negative light. When it came to coping with negative situations, the kids' levels of optimismand hope played a role in their ability to understand the benefits of positive thinking, the researchers observed. These are factors that directly affect your perceptionwhen it comes to creating the kind of life you want. Maintain Self Esteem – When you adopt an optimistic outlook you tend to believe in yourself and your abilities. In short, everything that can contribute to the well-being (in his body, mind, spirit), a healthy mind in a healthy body. At the end of these stories, the researchers asked each child to rate on the 0-7 picture scale how each character felt at that moment and why.
Studies show that youperception of life also affects your health and well-being.Most of our negative thoughts come from assumptions we make.
We concoctthese misconceptions in an attempt to prepare ourselves for the worse butend up dwelling so much on them that they consume our way of life. So don’t thinkaltering your attitude will turn you into a naive person and result in moreissues.A positive attitude and way of thinking can help you cope with life andimprove your overall well-being.
Success and Happiness – Positive thinking has the power to change your whole life and your whole environment.

When you have a positive attitude you attract others therefore changing the people around you.
Improved Focus – Positive thinking helps you concentrate on finding a solution instead of focusing on the negative elements and losing what sometimes is valuable time. Optimistic people choose to be happy and are determined when it comes to their endeavors.The power of positive thinking is tremendous. While a person with a negative attitude would be so distracted that may not even seek a solution. If you alter your attitude to that of a positiveone, you will begin to notice productive changes in different aspects of yourlife. Reduced Stress – When a positive thinker is faced with a stressful situation they handle it better for the same reason as mentioned above, improved focus. The power of positive thinking lowers stress levels, helps you cope better and increases your life span.
Positive thinkers tend to have lower risks of disease, better psychological and physical well-being.

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