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Our baseline level of happiness depends on the thoughts we think and the actions we take, when we think positive then in time positive things will happen. Most people feel bad because they are allowing old experiences and unhelpful beliefs to rule their thinking and feelings. You may be totally unaware of this fact, but very often, we become bogged down with our own thinking.
Washington, Dec 22 : Even kindergarten kids understand the importance of optimistic thinking, a new study has revealed. And parents' own feelings about positive thinking may play a role in whether their children understand how thoughts influence emotions. In the study, researchers at Jacksonville University and the University of California, Davis looked at 90 mostly White children ages 5 to 10. The children listened to six illustrated stories in which two characters feel the same emotion after experiencing something positive (getting a new puppy), negative (spilling milk), or ambiguous (meeting a new teacher). Following each experience, one character has a separate optimistic thought, framing the event in a positive light, and the other has a separate pessimistic thought, putting the event in a negative light.
Researchers described the subsequent thoughts verbally, then asked the children to judge each character''s emotions and provide an explanation for those emotions. The researchers also had the children and their parents complete surveys to measure their individual levels of hope and optimism.
Children as young as 5 predicted that people would feel better after thinking positive thoughts than they would after thinking negative thoughts. They showed the strongest insight about the influence of positive versus negative thoughts on emotions in ambiguous situations. The study also found that children had the most difficulty understanding how positive thinking could boost someone''s spirits in situations that involved negative events-such as falling down and getting hurt.

In these coping situations, children''s levels of hope and optimism played a role in their ability to understand the power of positive thinking, but parents'' views on the topic played an even larger part. Learn more below about the effects of negative thinking versus positive thinking.Why?Because the type of thoughts that you choose to focus on will shape your reality, both current and future. Some people choose to actively focus on positive thoughts, even though they acknowledge they may have negative ones. For a pessimist, there is always something to worry about, nothing is ever quite right, bad events seem to last forever, and they outweigh the positive ones. An optimist is someone who generally keeps a positive attitude, has a good mood, and tends to look for the silver lining of apparent difficulties or negative circumstances.Optimists don't dwell on worries.
They were most interested in the degree to which children predicted different emotions for two characters in the same situation. And there was significant development in the children''s understanding about the emotion-feeling link as they grew older. They learn to notice their thoughts, and they find a way to eliminate negative thoughts.Are you a positive person? Life means living in fear, sadness or anger most of the time.However, there is a strategy to feel better called defensive pessimism that looks like negative thinking and that is useful for some people. The worst thing is that we may be so wrapped in negativity that we cannot even see that there are ways out.However, there is always a choice. Literally it was a case of negative thinking versus positive thinking.The first type of attitude was a negative one. Grab here some useful tips for dealing with worries.Another common display of negative thinking is victim thinking. Read the following descriptions of negative thinking versus positive thinking and find out not only where you are, but also where you can be.

Some of my friends would say "I don't think I'm gonna pass", "I can't remember what I've studied", "I'm going to fail", "This test is going to be so difficult", and so on.The second type of attitude a was positive one.
At these times it is useful to differentiate between thoughts and reality.In the end, where are you living, in your thoughts or in this reality?
Help yourself to do that with this powerful daily affirmation.In the meantime, I'll give you the shortcut if you're still seeking happiness. Other friends would say "It's all right", "It's an easy one", "I'll do fine", "I'll find a way to answer everything even if I don't know all the answers".What happened, in most of the cases, was that the person was right.
And are things actually so bad in this reality, right now?Find out more about the effects of negative thinking and get some useful tips for eliminating negative thoughts. You could also make use of this list of positive words to help you shape a more positive reality.The results of negative thinking versus positive thinking are very different.
However, it is not always easy to get rid of negative thoughts - good news is, the only thing that you truly need is your will. This proves how the power of our thoughts and feelings can affect our feeling's and the world around you.
Find out more by following the link."There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference.

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