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Since the beginning of this year, I have been feeling a strong pull towards creating, doing, moving forwards, and taking action.
However, recent studies suggests that cognitive reappraisal of the response can shift negative stress to positive stress. We respond differently to a challenge, where you feel capable of overcoming the situation, and a threat when you don’t believe that you can overcome the circumstances.
Therefore recent studies have attempted to improve this fight-or-flight response by changing how people appraise the physiological arousal associated with stress. Participants were told that they were to complete a public-speaking task to create a stressful situation. Teaching young people how to cope with stress could positively impact their performance in exams and could have lasting benefits well beyond the classroom. During this discussion Seligman claimed: When teachers learn the skills of well being, for the next couple of years children have less depression, less anxiety and better conduct. Teaching well-being not only equips students (and teachers) with the skills to flourish in stressful situations, but it also improves students learning ! One of the most touching and inspiring experiences are those told first hand by other people. Luckily in this age lots and lots of people are doing this wanting to share their life experiences with us in their intimate exposed form. Action for Happiness (AfH) is a charity for social change aiming, as the name implies, to promote happiness in society.
At Resilience we are starting a exploration of the webs wellbeing corners. Part of wellbeing is appreciation, and many websites popularized display long lists of small things to smile at.
Resilience is dynamic, taking into account the past and the future, a person can build resilience before they hit crisis and be more likely to cope with problems that may be around the corner. Nina Mguni, the Young Foundation‘s wellbeing and resilience programme lead, was invited to present on our work on resilience at the World Health Organisation Annual Healthy Cities Conference in St Petersburg.

This energy is incredibly motivating and exciting, and as a result I have found that my mind is often racing with new ideas.
What is your favourite ritual for ensuring that you feel grounded, content and invigorated? Or in other words, rethinking your body’s reaction as a good thing, can cause your body to react differently to the situation. The body’s response during a challenge can positively effect physiology, attention and performance. In an interesting study by Jamieson, Mendes and Nock (2012) they attempted to do just that.
One third of these were given no instructions beforehand; one third, the placebo group, was told that the best way to deal with stress was to ignore the source of the stress.
Martin Seligman, founder of positive psychology, appeared on Newsnight to discuss his ideas and his interest in the concept of well-being. Considering that an estimated 1 in 33 children and 1 in 8 adolescents are suffering from depression at any one time in the UK, the benefits of teaching these skills seem boundless.
Increases in wellbeing are likely to produce increases in learning, the traditional goal of education.
On a national level this includes finding measures beyond GDP, ones that attempt to measure social and emotional health – such as the big Happy Planet Index or Beyond GDP.
Sometimes it feels like my mind is constantly planning where I will be 6 months or 12 months. In fact, the actual physiological response to stress may be higher in a challenge state which leads to increased cardiac efficiency while threat leads to decreased cardiac efficiency in anticipation of damage or defeat. Research shows that positive mood produces broader attention, more creative thinking, and more holistic thinking.

If you think the evidence and the philosophy have weight, then the you may be interested in the question.. Long-term stress can cause health problems such as increased risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, increased susceptibility to infection and infertility.
This group had more adaptive physiological responses during the stressful situation, and this response returned to normal quicker afterwards, than the other two groups. Questions of that nature are so personal that only each of us can figure it out for ourselves, but  having a second opinion helps.
Self care reminds you to take a step back and perceive the world from a more internal place. What’s better than a second opinion written down giving you the time to read, analyse, apply and consider? Those informed of the positive effect of stress performed better and later reported that the physiological arousal had aided their performance. However, research has yet to determine the actual mechanisms that cause this benefit, and whether individual differences have an effect.
I hope you enjoy it!Print it out and attach it to your vision board, on your fridge or even pop it in a frame and put it in your room?

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