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Plus (and here comes the spoiler alert) I have a history of depression and have been taking anti-depressants for the last 8 months following the death of my beloved grandmother.
Exploring the dichotomy between doing happy and being happy got me thinking about how many leaders aren’t naturally good at the things they lead in. There is a huge strength in drawing the best out of others even if no one could hope to draw that thing out of you.
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So despite my own current psychological predicament, I still believe I have the qualities and desire to measure, analyse and drive up other people’s happiness. I believe mental health issues are frequently ignored and I hope that in discussing them we can all increase tolerance, understanding and treatment.
And all of a sudden I feel, and am assumed to be, responsible for someone else’s happiness. Maybe the best leaders in financial services have stronger interpersonal than numerical skills?

I tend to over empathise and internalise other people’s emotions which can lead me to feeling overwhelmed. Maybe the best football coaches weren’t the top goal scorer at school but excelled in sociology instead?

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