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Kamme needs to suck it up and get a better attitude and stronger work ethic on ALASKA GOLD DIGGERS. And, for ladies who don’t want to work—not sure what, if anything, these women did before they became “gold miners”—they have some pretty high expectations.
Of course, it is possible that they are right:  Someone could be ripping them off in their crew. It’s looking like these women are going to be really disappointed by the time their six-week season is over; there is gold there, but it may be a lot slower going than they thought. Mining gold is very hard work, you don’t just stop in the middle of the day to go hang out in the cabin. From the beginning, I had to wonder about why they started so late in the season; if they started from the time the ground was thawed enough to begin, wouldn’t they have more like 12 weeks to work? No you are right about that because that is what I was thinking but it may have been a logistical thing or it may have been the producers were a little late to the table or something like that.
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They are kinda like people who don’t understand that “fishing” is not called “catching” for a reason:  There are no guarantees of success. But, they seem to have had the idea that they could just walk onto these claims and start filling their baskets with gold—not typically the way that it works, so not surprising that it’s not working that way for them. If you want to talk about somebody—basically accuse them of being thieves—they’re gonna hear you through the super-thin cabin walls. They have some good looking ground that looks like it can produce some good gold which is all the more reason to put in more hours. Six weeks is a very short time and there is a lot of work to be done if they are going to make any money.

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