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Lana Del Rey’s third studio album, Honeymoon, released globally this week, opens by harking back to the orchestral majesty that she perfected on her 2012 debut. The mid-album interlude cements Lana’s theme of postmodernist acceptance and harks back to the poetic monologue in Ride. This album stands out not only for its thematic departure from Lana’s status quo, but also for its variety. Art Deco, Religion, Music To Watch Boys To, and Salvatore are the stand-out tracks on first listen.
Honeymoon Suite is a Canadian rock band, whose songs "New Girl Now" (in "One Eyed Jack"), "Feel It Again" (in "Free Verse") and "Bad Attitude" (in "Freefall") appeared in the TV show Miami Vice.
Honeymoon Suite was formed in Canada by Johnnie Dee, Derry Grehan, and original drummer Mike Lengyell, later bringing in Ray Coburn (keyboards), Gary Lelonde (bass), and Dave Betts (replacing Lengyell on drums). In some cases shipping may be more for international orders - we will contact you to make arrangements for additional payment if necessary.
The swooping strings of the title track immediately suggest a throwback to the glory days of Born to Die, and as the vocals kick in, the trademark deep richness of Lana’s voice thrums in the ears. The low, rumbling piano that underlines the strings could be straight out of Ultraviolence. She describes how the simultaneous co-existence of all possible realities means that one can be free of regret – if time is an illusion, how can one regret the past? Soft, warm guitars strum a stripped back melody in the Religion verses, and in the chorus, drum beats pound slowly and purposefully with a rising upbeat.

Lana samples Americana & electro pop, toys with a trap influenced stoner anthem (High By The Beach), hints at country vibes in God Knows I Tried and sets it all off with a Spanish flourish in Salvatore.
She has not only retained the narcissistic nostalgia that fans adore – she has perfected it.
They got their break performing "New Girl Now" at a Toronto radio contest for unsigned bands, and they released their debut album, Honeymoon Suite, featuring "New Girl Now", which reached the Top 50 in America. It becomes apparent that this album will not be an appeal to a solitary past success, but a forward-looking marriage of all her progress to date.
She is no longer the object of the male gaze – she is the puppeteer, and the boys are the ones being watched.
The spoken word crackles with white noise like an old record, allowing the nostalgic atmosphere to remain unbroken. It seems insane to postulate that Lana might have written a happy song but this is definitely at the very optimistic end of the melancholic spectrum: “Everything is bright now, no more cloudy days. Their next album, The Big Prize, featured their only Top 40 single, "Feel It Again", and the song "Bad Attitude", and had two songs appear in the movies Wraith and Lethal Weapon.
Assertiveness is carried through the song, “No holds barred, I was sent to destroy,” and contrasts with the submission in lines like “I live to love you”. She stands back and sees the beauty in her struggle: “But I’ve still got jazz, when I’ve got those blues”. Even when the storm comes, in the eye we’ll stay.” If this album is Lana’s redemption album, this is the redemption anthem.

Honeymoon is intensely self-aware, acknowledging Lana’s weakness and darkness while embracing it without fear. After Dee recovered from an injury sustained when he was hit by a car in Los Angeles, the band's third album was released, Racing After Midnight, which did not do well in the US, but sold well in their native Canada. This is Lana minus the trashy glamour of BTD, and having shed the heavy, depressive tone of Ultraviolence.
This album switches between slow ballads and pop anthems, as well as multiple styles and genres, ensuring the listener never gets bored. Lana has mastered her depressive nature, and emerged phoenix-like, in control of love and life.
Their fourth album, Monsters Under The Bed, did not chart in the US, and featured Alannah Myles ("Black Velvet") on drums.
The group toured in the 1990s, changed members several times (except Dee & Grehan), but did not release any albums from 1991-2001. In 2007 the group reunited the classic lineup from the 1980s and recorded the 2008 album Clifton Hill.

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