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Move over the regular Hi and Hello and try these pick up lines for girls as soon as you spot the hot one right across the floor. In this way you will not only give her a compliment, but also state straight away that you like her. The pick up lines need to be spoken with lot of focus, in a loud manner and you must maintain eye contact always and the tone of voice should be commanding otherwise they lose their impact.
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Just remember that you have to be confident while mouthing these lines and keep the attitude right.

Women like strong men who can take right decisions at the right time and live life passionately. Sometimes funny pick up lines for girls also work wonders with a girl having good sense of humor. However, every guy would love to master the pick up lines for girls that are always effective and with the help of which they can get beautiful women.
If you are targeting a particular girl among a group then you can say- ‘Hey, you guys look fun.’ This line will establish you as a brave guy and of course as someone who has a good vibe. For instance, ‘I just realized this, you look like my next girlfriend’, ‘Are you from Tennessee? It is a psychological response, it is belief and perception.It is your point of view regarding any situation that how you handle it, the way you think about a particular situation and the way you perform.

Take a look at these smart easy and quick pick up lines that will help you to get beautiful women. I thought you looked adorable, and I had to meet you’, this line for a girl you checked out. Increase the interaction, give them a positive vibe and make them feel that you are a fun guy.
You learn how to respond, how to give respect and gain respect, how to think gently and how to give love to others.

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