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Thomas Edison, wise to this phenomenon, used to sit with a steel ball between his knees and a tray at his feet and let himself drop off to sleep. Very interested in the keto diet but no idea how to do this with a family not on board and a fair bit of hotel living. This section of the rosemobile website is dedicated to my general psychology students to help them with my course. His wife, fed up with him hanging around all day, thinking, told him to take a break and have a bath.

As the ball hitting the tray woke him he would scribble down whatever idea was in his mind. When you next have a problem to solve or an idea to get – and you get stuck – don’t face it head on. If for instance, you were having a telephone conversation with a plumber about fitting a new bath then you would be using beta brain waves.
However, beta brain waves wouldn’t necessarily be that useful if you were trying to invent a new law of hydrostatic watsit.

The problem is that, if we hear ideas from our theta range at all then we are very likely to forget them immediately.

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