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Here is a collection of positive thinking quotes that will build your spiritual strength and help you developed mentally so that you can live a successful and strong life. This is the first of many changes coming to The Acorn Stash as we get ready to celebrate the first anniversary of the newsletter on June 9, 2012.
Filed Under: Affirmations Tagged With: Affirmations, believe in yourself, self esteem, self-confidence, successNeed a Little Inspiration? Posted by Ruth 2 Comments It’s not something that most people like to admit, but there are days when inspiration is hard to come by.
One of the reasons that affirmations seem to do the trick when nothing else does is because they come from you.
Sure it’s nice when others say things that get you thinking and moving in the right direction again, and that card or photo that you received might have touched the right chord inside. Some of the best affirmations I have ever used have ended up having life-changing results for me. It doesn’t matter if you are feeling totally uninspired, unmotivated or just downright unhappy you can create an affirmation that helps you to move beyond those negative feelings.
Once you’ve decided that affirmations are a tool you can use, there are several ways you can use them.
Affirmations are one of those tools that everyone can use, are completely personal and based only on your needs. Posted by Ruth Leave a Comment For me affirmations are like the acorns of the spiritual world. Just pop your best email address into the form below and you'll receive a weekly roundup every Saturday morning. Links that lead to products or services not our own will most often be affiliate links for which we earn a commission should you make a purchase.

The more you attempt to do in life and the more that you succeed, the better you feel about yourself, the higher self-esteem you have.
Small, every day successes are an important part of building and maintaining positive self-esteem. Studies have shown that positive thinking can help with stress management and better health. It is yours, and it’s your choice whether to share it, give it away, keep it to yourself. You wonder why you bother getting up in the morning, and that big idea you were so passionate about a few days ago seems to have gone on vacation without you. But when you can motivate yourself and remind yourself why you are passionate about your purpose and why it used to excite you to jump out of bed first thing on a cold winter morning, you will be that much more inclined to believe it.
In the last article I talked about living in the moment and you you get to choose how you live each moment. String enough of those moments of being happy, healthy, energetic or peaceful together and you may find that there is no room for negativity at all because you are choosing only positive thoughts. You can write them on pieces of paper and tack them up in places where you’ll see them all day long. You can write them on pieces of paper and carry them in your pockets or in your wallet, so if you need them during the day you can pull them out and read them quickly. They can be used in a moment and can change the energy of that moment and the ones that follow forever.
From the little seed of thought that affirmation plants in our mind, the possibility of something so much bigger can come into being.
No one else has the right to take it from you, so be confident and strong and stand up for your right to be happy!

When that happens, it’s no wonder that it seems like your inspiration, along with your motivation, your creativity, and your energy jumped in the suitcase and went along for the ride. When you start writing your affirmations down every day, just the act of writing daily unlocks something inside of you. But I’m getting better, and now just even typing these words out to share with you has me smiling and breathing deeply and knowing that indeed I do deserve to be happy. Other times, it’s an inspirational quote or photo that really helps to fire up the creativity engine. Regardless of how you do it, using affirmations will help to re-ignite your inspiration and your creativity. But when nothing else works, sometimes all it takes is an affirmation to wake me up and get me inspired again.
Writing affirmations has jump-started more than one article or blog post for me when nothing else worked to break my lack of motivation. This is a shared platform to help one another always stay positive.Hi guys strongly welcome to our collection of positive quotations. Reading a few positive thinking quotes before going to sleep at night, and first thing in the morning, it will gradually change your mindset, transform your life, and attract good things to you.

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