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In my work with creative and healing business owners, I’ve noticed that some people really enjoy experiencing struggle. Some are wired this way, and those who are not have subconsciously succumbed to the belief that there is no other choice—and they don’t question that thinking.
It took me a long time to realize that life was merely mirroring what I claimed to be true.
When you find yourself spinning on a subject, getting caught in struggle, look at the underlying belief and apply The Work: Is this true?
Now it’s your turn: Are you ready to let go of the struggle and begin romancing the ease? Earlier this week, cultivating love for our business was the topic of a panel call in which I was a participant.
However, when you understand energy dynamics, metrics are only the reflection of what’s happening with those who started and run the business.
Before any metrics are generated, the business begins responding to the person(s) starting and running the business.
It’s easy to see why a business that exemplifies the above criteria would have a positive energy from within that helps it expand.
As a result, when they finally take action they result in great successes that reflect the business love energy they invested up front.
Those who have cultivated the business love factor have done a number of things to set themselves up for success, from the choice of what they offer to who they serve.
If you are in the latter group, one of the first questions you’ll want to ask is: Am I willing to experience my business differently? When you are rested and have some quiet time, write out your ideal business scenarios: What are your days like?
Then, find ways to love and appreciate what has been working all along as well as the changes that you’ve successfully made. Bottom line: Focus on ways you love your existing business, release or delegate the aspects you don’t love, and your business will love you back!
Has this happened to you: Feeling good, joyfully setting and working toward goals that delight you when, seemingly out of nowhere, appear the naysayers discouraging your efforts. Naysayers are the people in our lives finding fault with our decisions, questioning our ideas, and unable to believe in new possibilities.
You can tell a naysayer because they limited the possibilities in their own minds, and are convinced what is true for them is also true for others. Those comments, by the way, are a sampling of what I was told after starting my presentation design business in the 1990s. It was easy for me to dismiss them because I could really feel in my heart that this was the way to go…and the right time to do it. Turns out, there was a great need for the services I was providing, and clients sought me out.
I remembered this 18 months later when I envisioned myself buying a new home and found that my real estate agent was, in fact, a naysayer.
However, if we truly believe in what we are doing, then we cannot be dissuaded no matter what anyone else says or does. If we recognize the naysayer for who they are, a person projecting their own fears, doubts, and limited beliefs, then it is easier to forgive them and move past their comments. Rather than argue with her or try to convince her that she was wrong, I recognized that she was just not with the program I had embarked upon.
As always, it starts with you: Get clear on your decisions before you discuss them with others.
When you are your own naysayer it is time to go within and figure out what’s going on.
Why is it that you think nothing of creating products or services for your clients—out of nothing more than sheer inspiration—yet you don’t realize that you have the same ability to create success in your business?
Over the years, I’ve received countless phone calls and emails from you complaining about what is going wrong in your business and your frustration in how to fix it, yet the power to do so has always been within you from the time that you were born. In order to create solutions, though, you first need to become conscious of, and step into, your own true power of creation. The most important part of business success is the inner work you do before you take any physical actions! Too many business owners take actions from a defeated feeling of failure, a mindset of doubt and mistrust, an unwillingness to imagine a better outcome, and end up nurturing their failure. Rather than take full responsibility for their power, the unconscious business owner will blame others, the economy, or ‘circumstances’, completely unaware that THEY are the ones who created all of it!
Here’s the good news: It’s never too late to become a conscious business owner and step into our true creative power. Creative and healing professionals often have their craft at the forefront of their business radar—none would have considered opening their doors if they didn’t feel they offered a valuable service. These professionals spend an enormous amount of time making sure they have something of value to offer, and constantly improving those offerings. What often takes a back seat to the honing of their craft or skill, though, is the actual Sales and Marketing for their business.
Amy (name changed for privacy) feels called to her work as a massage therapist who incorporates sound healing, and often refers to it as her ‘heart work’. However, Amy has been struggling for the last few years to get her business off the ground and actually growing.
In addition to focusing on what she hates about her business, Amy has already decided people cannot afford her services, and she negatively judges others who manage to make money in her field. These stories and judgments are woven into nearly every conversation Amy has, and despite understanding the power of energy, these are also woven into Amy’s own mental self-talk. Professional colleagues who encounter Amy find themselves feeling drained after speaking with her, so they make excuses not to interact. Family and friends, who say they want to support Amy, instead, find themselves commiserating with just how *difficult* it must be to start and run a successful business. Creative and healing professionals who have both an inner calling to do their life’s work while simultaneously holding bad-feeling stories and judgments that prevent them from growing their business or being financially successful are their own worst enemies.
When I began working with Amy, I helped her see how she had actually started her business with the doubt, bad-feeling stories and judgments in place. Once she had observed and labeled the failure, she was never able to imagine something better because ‘reality’ (aka ‘what is’) was always staring her in the face.
Whenever Amy had tried to set her observed ‘reality’ aside for a moment, to imagine something better for her business, she had plenty of people around her happy to remind her of ‘reality’. Abraham-Hicks often talks about the importance of only focusing on ‘what is’ if we ENJOY ‘what is’. As others insist that you look at “reality,” they are influencing you to be rooted to this spot like a tree. As adults, we can benefit greatly from brushing off our childhood skills of suspending disbelief and imagining something fun in our professional life. Brain science has already proven that the subconscious mind does not know the difference between our real observations, our memories, or our imagination. Amy hired me when she needed someone dedicated to seeing her succeed, willing to guide her through the maze to turn her business around from the ground up. Being savvy with the principles of Law of Attraction, Julie often produces well above her peers, having learned to follow her own guidance versus traditional sales management techniques.
In our conversation, Julie quickly pin-pointed some key requirements to tap into for anyone who is ready to build sales.
Her suggestion evoked the image of a humor-less being, unwilling to let anyone in that “wasn’t on the list”. You may recall that Abraham has said that managing our thoughts can be overwhelming and crazy-making, but when we focus on how we feel, then we can more quickly see that thoughts which do not serve us also do not feel good when we think them. So, keep your Thought Bouncer on standby, ever ready for those negative feelings to trigger the thought-bouncing actions.
In this way, business owners can begin proactively taking responsibility for their thoughts and self-talk, so they can keep their focus zeroed in on the success and well-being of their business. Julie also talked about (and I second) the importance of having a positive tribe to connect with, surrounding yourself with positive, like-minded people. If you are surrounded by people complaining about the economy, how hard it is to market and sell to clients, how impossible it is to make money, not to mention the general state of the world, for the sake of your well-being and your business it’s time for your Thought Bouncer to close down that club and find a new tribe! Earlier today, I was reminded about the connection between artistic creativity, entrepreneurship, and manifesting.

ZenTangling is a form of doodling that lets you have fun while training yourself to open up your mind and let go. Back in the late 1970s, before I had ever heard of this term, or the name had been trademarked, I was inspired by an unknown european folk artist who drew in a black and white style reminiscent of the Art Nouveau. As Einstein said, you cannot solve a problem with the same energy that created the problem.
The next time you have a thorny issue to resolve, take some time to relax your mind, meditate, or doodle. Whether you have voiced it or not, I am betting a number of you think talking to your friends is just as good as hiring a coach. I know you think this way, because I used to think this way…that was, until I hired a coach when I was launching AffirmingSpirit. Over the years, several of my clients have been truly surprised to find coaching much more helpful than just speaking to their friends. You might be friendly with your coach, but your coach has a much different relationship to you than a friend.
Regardless of what they say, friends have a vested interest in you staying exactly the same as you are right now. Friends and coaches each have their place, and don’t get me wrong: Friends are great ~ I highly recommend them! If you think talking to a friend will save you the cost of hiring a coach, consider how you value your friendships. Fighting amid the struggle allows them to justify the belief that nothing good comes without a struggle. Our energy has a direct impact on the world around us, including our perceptions of our business. They cultivate their business love on a constant basis throughout the day: in their words, thoughts, self-talk, attitudes, and writing.
Their choices from the beginning have lined them up to love every aspect of their business, and their business loves them back! A Course in Miracles invites us to say, “I am willing to see this (situation) differently.
The first year I replaced my corporate income and the second year I was earning six figures.
She didn’t believe in my ability, as a self-employed single parent, to afford a home of my own.
Naysayer comments will seem empty or almost comical because we know what we want, and we already feel the strong momentum of our success is underway. Because I knew this agent personally, and knew she needed the sale (naysayers often live a difficult life), I wanted to help her out. When you are solid in your knowing, clear on what feels best to you, comments from naysayers will not bother you.
If you cannot trust your own ideas and decisions, it’s time to work on your self-love and self-esteem. When someone elses naysaying bothers you, it’s a good indication that you harbor some of those same feelings. Yeah, you read that right: Mentally thank and appreciate the naysayers for either showing you your own doubts and fears, or for revealing how solid you feel on the topic.
In fact, you’ve (unconsciously) created your problems in the same way you can also create your solutions!
The more you question yourself and ask others, instead of listening for your own guidance, the more you are blocking your own intuition. This is what I often hear: “But you don’t understand, this (fill in the blank) is my problem and as long as it exists, I’m screwed!” With a belief like that, you surely are! Let me restate: You are infinitely more powerful than any circumstance that comes your way. Value yourself enough to consciously upgrade your self-talk (cultivating your own affirmations is a great way to do this).
Once your energy is positively aligned with the inner work, every action you take will be the ‘right one’ for you and your business.
Then, when the outcomes are poor, they observe what they’ve created and then have more proof of their failure, frustration, doubt, and mistrust. They are drawn to me because they want to find a way to do their heart work while also making a good living. In fact, the number one reason creative and healing professionals do not officially start their businesses is a fear that they are ‘not good enough, yet’. In fact, her stories are now so embedded into her being (she’s been telling them so long), the minute she sees her business cards or equipment, she physically feels the negative impact in her body. Then, when her business began to reflect those stories and judgments back to her, she labeled what she observed as the ‘reality’ of her failing business. She literally set the groundwork for her business to fail before she started and then she nurtured the failure, not the success.
Her husband and parents, attempting to be helpful, were particularly relentless in suggesting that Amy give up on her dream, and just get a reliable 9-to-5 job.
The subconscious is moving forward, choosing opportunities and experiences based on how you feel.
First, she had to consciously choose to wipe the slate clean on her business, create her business anew from a better-feeling place while releasing her judgments.
Many at GVU know Julie as a naturally upbeat and happy person, who has been successful in sales for many years. Of course, because she’s such a top producer, management tends to let her do whatever she’s decided is best. That’s how we know the thought is not serving us, because if it doesn’t feel good, the outcome of that thought will also not feel good.
Doing so inoculates business owners from the negative thought-forms of frustrated peers and the media. For those who are interested in listening to the recording of the LOA Sales call with Julie, it is available for free to Good Vibe University members.
While there are some established ‘patterns’ you can follow, you can also just wing it and see what happens, often with unexpected and stunningly beautiful results! I lost myself for hours in listening to music while making tiny circles, curves, and lines in ink with the crow quill pen. To find the solution, we must first find a way to relax the mind so we can think clearly and see other possibilities. I was immediately struck by how true that is of life, creativity, entrepreneurship, and manifesting! Don’t be surprised if your friends try to talk you out of taking a risk, or pursuing a dream.
While it might feel good momentarily to have someone agreeing with you, it doesn’t help you grow and it keeps you stuck in victimhood. If your friends are starting to avoid you, or have suddenly become too busy to spend time with you…it might be a hint.
This is especially true if you are starting a business or making a big change in your life.
When you are done with the coaching process, you may still stay in touch with the coach and might even revisit coaching at a later time, but the coaching relationship ends until you are ready to move forward again. Is it worth losing friends to get some occasional advice that might not serve you in the long run?
I listened to and believed their complaints and worries and fears, and never once did I question those thoughts. Rather than help me find something in my budget, she gave me a map highlighting to the worst part of town (with houses ready to be demolished). I mentally patted her on the top of her head, forgave her for not seeing the magic, and went around her to get approved by a mortgage lender and find the property I wanted to purchase. I also wanted to share the magic I was creating, so she could open her eyes to new possibilities. Unless you enjoy conflict, be choosy about who has the privilege of discussing your business decisions with you.
For most of us, that was back when you were much younger, before you had developed a bad habit of complaining. And yet, you are infinitely more powerful than any circumstance that comes your way…if you believe you are.

Everything changes (in a good way) when you take full responsibility for consciously choosing a positive state of being. Choose your words carefully when speaking with others about yourself and your business, as you are creating what you think and speak. Therefore, your inner work is more important than, and bears a greater influence on, any other business actions you take!
You must be allowed to see what you want to see if you will ever attract what you want to see. If you start a business with stories of doubt, fear, and judgment of those who are successful, the feeling is probably not very good—and neither will be the results. Then, she had to be willing to actively nurture her own success as one would lovingly tend a garden. Privately, I’ve been asking Julie to do a call for GVU since 2010, knowing that many self-employed conscious creators could benefit from her suggestions and insights.
One of Julie’s tips was to bring in a “Thought Bouncer”…to promptly bounce out the thoughts that aren’t serving us. As we surround ourselves with positive people who can see and support the many possibilities for success, it is not only more enjoyable, but we’ll experience the benefits of that tribe.
If you are not yet a member of this upbeat and positive-focused community, you can enjoy a 21 day trial for just $1. Meditation can be a tremendous help, but for those who struggle to relax into meditation, a little doodling can help! Coaches know how to advocate for your best interest, even if you haven’t been willing to do that for yourself. If you grow, that might throw off the balance in a friendship, so friends, by their nature, are there to support you *where you are* but their agenda is not always in your best interest.
A good coach will hear where you are coming from but also won’t let you get stuck there. It’s a much better investment to work with a coach for a set period of time, and leave the coaching out of your friendships.
Some people find it supportive to craft and use affirmations every day reminding them of that ease, which helps them move forward. If you are stuck in your brain, chances are very good that you are obsessing rather than resolving your struggles. Just 5 minutes a day of relaxed awareness on the breath begins to rewire our brain to be less reactive.
You are also sending a signal to the Universe that you don’t know of and are unaware of any solutions, which will keep them vibrationally elusive until your energy shifts.
Many of us grew up learning that the only way to relate to others was through complaining and fault-finding. The outside world is a reflection of what is going on inside of you, and nothing changes outside until you change yourself on the inside.
Perhaps it needs to come through another person or another situation that has yet to happen. Let every thought and feeling (thought + emotion) you have focus on what feels better to you in any given moment. Not just acquiring a positive state, but learning how to return to that state when an experience knocks you into the (vibrational) bushes. Be discerning about who you spend time with, be conscious of where you focus your attention throughout the day and as you fall asleep. If you’ve already been doing this inner work for a while, share below in comments what you’ve experienced so others may benefit. Not only do these skills not come easy to these professionals, there are often a lot of bad-feeling stories and judgment wrapped around the idea of sales and marketing, as well as other essential business success functions like hiring a support team. They suspend their disbelief that their playmate is not really a cowboy and they are not really a pirate. As a result, Amy discovered a new-found interest in sales and marketing on her own terms, in a way that was fun and invigorating for her.
You can imagine how delighted I was when we could finally schedule a call and open this conversation! She suggested we imagine our Thought Bouncer standing behind the red velvet rope, unwilling to let an undeserving (and under serving) thought pass through. They will show you new perspectives,  challenge you to envision something bigger for yourself, and encourage you to use your pain as your fuel in following your dreams! People who hire coaches are not only more productive, but they also have the encouragement they need along the way. It’s like having your own helicopter guide scoping out the terrain ahead of you en route to your dream and showing you all the best routes. Do you want your friends to know all the issues you struggle with or minute details of the business you are launching? That keeps my friendships in a positive place where we can focus on having fun and light encouragement.
There is a reason some successful companies require their executive staff to meditate regularly.
Release the bad habit of doubting and questioning yourself, or seeing yourself as a victim, and make a conscious choice each day to affirm and know that the perfect solution is coming into your awareness. Complaining is a habit that is a form of negative affirmation—which limit you and block you from receiving anything positive! This concept took me a long time to understand, and now Quantum Physics is showing us how this happens. But you’ll also have to let go of your expectation of improvement because that will require creating a different environment for your success. Over the years, my inner guidance has developed a shorthand that I know instantly what is right or not-so-right for me.
I’m talking about the kind of bad-feeling stories and judgment that keeps people stuck where they are, never able to move forward.
They toss a piece of fabric around their backs and call it a cape, and strike the Super Man pose with true conviction.
The result is a thriving business with a lot less frustration, and a MUCH happy business owner! Awareness of these sensations is not only healing, but opens space for old, stuck issues to come to the surface. The Universe is always responding to the signal you are sending, and complaints just tell the Big U to send you more that you can complain about!
That might include changing how you talk to yourself and others about yourself and your business, who you spend time with, where you focus your attention, expanding what you believe is possible, using your imagination to focus on positive possibilities, and caring enough about how you feel to set strong boundaries. I listen for it, feel for it, receive it, and honor it by taking appropriate actions based on the guidance.
Sparks of insight usually occur when we are in a relaxed state of mind, often focused on something unrelated. In the beginning, this might take a lot of concentrated effort (depending on how long you’ve wired your brain to do the opposite), but after you’ve been doing it, it becomes easier and easier.
Using your imagination to focus on positive possibilities, and caring enough about how you feel to set strong boundaries. From time-to-time, you may benefit from re-committing to this decision when you find yourself slipping back into bad habits of struggle. The good news is that you can replace a bad habit with a new better habit…like letting what annoys you point you in the direction of what you prefer, and appreciating your new preferences. Only state of being matters.” When we’re so focused on ‘the problem’ being our roadblock, the Law of Attraction can only line us up with more of that.
Like a train (of thought) gaining momentum as it hits the summit and begins the route downhill. The cells of your body are like cells in a petri dish—affirming, meditating and visualizing your good not only uplifts your mind but also benefits every cell in your body. Your whole body will begin to vibrate at a higher level, attracting people, opportunities, and resources that you previously could not access vibrationally.
Taking full responsibility is the hardest part of the process, for most people, but doing so makes everything else much easier.

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