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As Better Feeling Thoughts become Better Feeling Beliefs, a Better Feeling Life is then reflected. One of my Facebook friends shared this Abraham quote this morning, which inspired me to make the condensed picture quote and share with all of you.
If you’re wanting assistance on how to deal with (or even avoid) arguments with your loved ones, then this Abraham-Hicks video excerpt shared by Youtube User dewdrop157 may be of assistance. In the meantime, our friends at powerfulintentions.org have dutifully transcribed this and a whole slew of other fun Abe analogies for us to enjoy.
As Jerry & Esther are travelling from Phoenix to San Diego, they are always so eager to get over to San Diego. This clip of Abraham talking about self love and appreciation is perhaps my all time favorite. Enjoy the wisdom and humor of Abraham discussing fate, destiny, and karma, as channeled via Esther Hicks.

A message from Abraham on releasing resistance and allowing everything you desire into your life, channeled via Esther Hicks. If you would like to show your support for this blog, please click on the link below to send a gift.
You’ve got to close that vibrational gap between the vibration of what you want and source that is in agreement with it, and where you are practicing your thoughts. So, you could say you want to close the gap between your desire and your belief (a belief is just a thought you keep thinking). Can you imagine Jerry and Esther geting halfway to San Diego (in about Yuma Arizona) and being so disappointed that they are not yet in San Diego that they get all disoriented and turn around and go back to Phoenix? Or you could say you wanna close the gap in your vibration which means you just can’t feel bad about something you want and be in the place of letting it in.
So they just go Phoenix-Yuma, Phoenix-Yuma, Phoenix-Yuma, Phoenix-Yuma and then they say: San Diego is incurable.

They know they have to keep pointing in the direction west (the direction of San Diego) and keep moving and that eventually they’ll get there.
Because the vibration of fear (of not having enough money) and the vibration of exhilaration (of having ALL the money in the world that you could want) are two very different vibrations.
It is law; when you close that vibrational gap you must have what you are now sending the one signal about, you see.

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