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To fill in on a small detail normally I'm a laid back person, don't get mad at others to where I argue. I really have been enjoying hearing about all of you that also have seen messages threw numbers, I was feeling a little crazy for seeing them. Now when I turn a page and my eyes are drawn to the top of the page and see that number 100 I just silently reply "I love you too". Well -- the first day at my destination I was taking a walk around the grounds where I was staying and I saw a car in the parking lot with the license plate: ALCHEMY. SECOND -- last weekend I was struggling with some work I had to do and I flat out asked my IB for a sign (inspired by this thread). THIRD -- Faced with yet another desision regarding work this week, I asked my IB for another sign. Later that day I was sat on a bus and looked across to see a girl sat with her arm against the window with a beautiful tattoo on her wrist of the name Eve! I decided this was a little confirmation that we are always creating even when we don't think we are and it was fun to see a little creation pop up before my very eyes with no effort just a lot of heartfelt appreciation.

My IB also sends me signs through numbers and I even notice sometimes a particular email will come at a certain time of day noted and it may have the answer I'm looking for. It was just so unexpected and crazy - I never know how the Universe is lining things up for me-- when they appear, I'm as surprised as anyone!! Later that day I was sat on a bus and looked across to see a girl sat with her arm against the window with a beautiful tattoo on her wrist of the name Eve! Here is one of my stories: About a year ago when I very new to Abe's work, I read about manifesting buttons and castles and how I should ask for something that held no resistence while I experimented with LoA. I try and write down whenever I get an a€?helloa€? from the universe before my rational mind will try and dismiss it later. I was watching the movie a€?Contacta€? in the theatre and was amazed at the scenes from space because I had had an amazing dream the night before about being in space and the dream was very lucid and had amazing colours of the universe. Parts of this bulletin board may not function unless you enable JavaScript (also called Active Scripting) in your browser. The evening before i had turned the telly off and had a much more enjoyable time scripting how I would like my rel'ships to be.

Just as i turned it on (and before the picture came on) i just heard the words "GIVE ME A SIGN" followed by "hit me baby one more time" He-HE! I asked for a special penny--one that would really let me know that I was on the right track. Just for fun this time I created a group of friends completely out of my imagination like a scene from friends.
I love this powerful creating we are all doing here no matter where we are physically located! I really enjoyed the movie and was high on the a€?coincidencea€?a€¦ and then at the end of the movie it ended with a€?For Carla€?. Don't worry about me" kept playing over and over in my head for several hours to the point I had a hard time sleeping.

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