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Esther Hicks, the New York Times best-selling authors of Ask and It Is Given, The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent, The Astonishing Power of Emotions, and The Law of Attraction, among other works, produce the Leading Edge Abraham-Hicks teachings on the art of allowing our natural Well-Being to come forth.
Excited about the clarity and practicality of the translated information from the Beings who called themselves Abraham, Jerry and Esther Hicks began disclosing their amazing Abraham experience to a handful of close business associates in 1986. Abraham — a group of obviously evolved Non-Physical teachers — speak their Broader Perspective through Esther.

While presenting Law of Attraction workshops in up to 60 cities per year, the Hickses have now published more than 700 Abraham-Hicks books, CDs, and DVDs. And as they speak to our level of comprehension through a series of loving, allowing, brilliant, yet comprehensively simple essays in print and in sound, they guide us to a clear Connection with our loving, guiding Inner Being and to uplifting self-empowerment from our Total Self.

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