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This page draws from our huge database of thousands of randomly refreshing inspirational and motivational Law of Attraction quotes by Abraham-Hicks through Esther Hicks. Drag this link onto your 'Home' button to make this Abraham-Hicks inspirational quotes page your homepage!
Inspirational Quotes: 17 Seconds of Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction Quotes - A rampage of positive Abraham Hicks quotes to keep your valve wide open and your cork afloat! Inspirational Quotes: RamPages of Abundance, Prosperity and Success Life Quotes - What You Focus On Attracts!
Paula Sirois is a holistic counselor and a writer on the subject of aligning with and maintaining a state of absolute well-being.
Visit her web site for more information on living in a state of natural balance and harmonious well-being! ABRAHAM, a group of obviously evolved teachers, speak their broader nonphysical perspective through the physical apparatus of Esther. This web site is for your entertainment and DELIGHTand is not meant to take the place of your own common sense and Wise Inner Knowing. If you want to create, attract or strengthen a quality or ability in your life, then surround yourself with the thoughts, words and attitudes of accomplished people - Masters of that desired reality - and that new vibration will imprint into your consciousness - which WILL change your reality.

By now you may already be aware of the irresistible savings you can find on Law of Attraction, and Abraham Hicks tools online! Many of us keep our favorite "RamPage" of Inspirational Quotes up on our desktop all day long for a refreshing dose of positivity! Amp up your power of attraction by keeping yourself in the pure, positive, allowing emotional state all day. These are Inspirational Law of Attraction quotes, affirmations, positive suggestions and advice by teachers of "The Secret" throughout history. These are Inspirational quotes, affirmations, positive suggestions, mind-sets and advice by moguls, tycoons, millionaires, billionaires and gazillionaires, royalty and famous, successful people throughout history.
These basic principles are presented as THE LAW OF ATTRACTION, THE LAW OF ALLOWING, and THE LAW OF DELIBERATE CREATION (which is basically a combination of the two).
Paula has a degree in Nutrition Education from Cornell but she credits her inner being for her best work. Speaking to our level of comprehension, from their present moment to our now, through a series of loving, allowing, brilliant yet comprehensively simple, recordings in print and in sound they guide us to a clear connection with our Inner Being they guide us to self upliftment from our total self. Your going to feel even better when you find out how easy it is when all of the treasures falls into your lap!

It automatically refreshes every 68 seconds (the creation combustion point) with a new, inspiring image and a fresh, inspirational quotes.
So, it's also fun to use the quotes as a sort of Serendipity Divination Oracle - relax, hold a question in your mind and then refresh the page for inspired advice! An exponentially growing number of spiritual seekers are rapidly responding to these materials as they come to sense the familiar Knowing that it brings forth from them. It's like having a limitless bank account pouring positive energy into your atmosphere all day long!
The most potent and effective Law of Attraction truths are rampaging here to keep you positively attracting your heart's desires.

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