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The Brain Bugs are a subspecies of Arachnids that served as a vital command and control role within their armies.
These variation of the Bug strains are a leadership caste amongst the Arachnid forces that served as a vital role as a hive brain for their colonies. One of the more dangerous abilities of the Brain Bug is its capacity to steal the knowledge out of the minds of other beings. The existence of this type of Bug remained largely unknown to the United Citizen Federation who believed that the Arachnids were simply disorganized wild animals with no level of coordination amongst their strategies. A large Mobile Infantry force was quickly assembled on Planet P; a Bug colony which was suspected to contain a Brain Bug. However, whilst it was escaping, it accidentally moved into a region where the bulk of the Mobile Infantry task force was located.
Over the eleven year period it was held, The Brain was studied by psychic Sky Marshal Omar Anoke, who became dramatically influenced by its telepathic abilities and converted to a religion that sought to find Behemecoatyl, the God Bug. This strain of Bug were created to serve as a leadership caste amongst the Arachnid armies. A more deadly ability of the beast is a spiky sucker appendage that came out of its slit-like mouth. The existence of the Brain Bugs were largely unknown to SICON forces during the war against the Bugs. This same Brain Bug was later responsible for killing off members of a Mobile Infantry squad where it sucked their brains out and absorbed their knowledge.
At some point after the domination of the native Skinnies population, a Brain Bug was put in place on the planet Tophet and used the Control Bugs as a way of maintaining control over the Skinnies. It was suspected that a Brain Bug existed on the planet Tesca Nemerosa during the conflict on that world. In the game Starship Troopers: Invasion "Mobile Infantry", during the Battle of Fort Casey, after the members of the Roughnecks K-12 team cleared out the Bug Hive beneath Fort Casey, the Queen Bug did not show up at the hive as it was already captured by Carl Jenkins and the Marine Corps. Kamen Rider Gaim director Ryuta Tasaki noted in an interview with Uchusen magazine that the Yggdrasill Corporation is a homage to Smart Brain, one of several references to past Heisei Rider series in the show.
This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. In a New York City skyscraper, the mogwai creature, Gizmo, becomes wet, which makes him spawn four more mogwai (Daffy, George, Lenny, and Mohawk).
Brain Gremlin originally started as a normal gremlin, spawned from whether one of the three gremlins, Lenny (the goofy one), Daffy (the crazy one), or George (the gangster one).
He injects genetic sunblock into a gremlin who drank a substance that morphed it into a half-bat hybrid. The Brain Gremlin wanted his species, the Gremlins, to be civilized, the definition is to no longer be primitive and violent, and become more advanced and become an animal race of superiority and power. He was later seen singing New York, New York with several gremlins (around 200 to 300 gremlins were inside the building), and they were ready to leave the building.
During Brain's musical number of New York, New York, he is dressed up as Frank Sinatra as a homage to him. It is hinted at in the novel that the Brain Bug is telepathic and it is stated that the "brain" shares a symbiotic relationship with the Bug Colony and that if it dies, the colony dies. After Operation Royalty, several Brain Bugs were captured, although none of them survived for long afterward. They were highly intelligent and commanded entire Bug colonies and directed their forces against enemy threats.
These abilities allow the creature to control its colony as well as keep everything inside it working efficiently.
It accomplished this through the use of a sharp proboscis that protruded from its vulva-shaped mouth.
During the war against the Bugs and the disastrous battle of Klendathu that had cost Federation forces 308,563 wounded and 100,000 dead in one hour of the first battle, analysts within the Federation began to believe that the Arachnids were being commanded by a special breed of Arachnid that were intelligent — much to the disbelief of their comrades.

Under the command of Johnny Rico, the force combed the underground tunnels for the creature. There, it was captured by a former drill Sergeant called Sergeant Zim who along with fellow troopers managed to drag the beast from its underground warren. Sky Marshal Anoke's traitorous actions were discovered by Adrimal Enolo Phid who showed the evidence to Anokes oblivious sidekick Major General Dix Hauser of a secret recording of one of Anoke's meetings with the Brain Bug. As such, they served as moving telepathic nodes that served as important generals for the Bugs where they coordinated all activity through a form of mind control. When this organ extended, the sharp pincer is capable of piercing the skull of an enemy where the Brain Bug extract their brain in order to add any of the gained knowledge to the hive mind collective. Their first indirect sighting was during the Hydora Campaign where the Brain Bug on Hydora sent a telepathic message to psychic soldier Carl Jenkins where it told him to deliver a message to the rest of humanity - that message was that the Bugs would not stop until every human was killed thus highlighting that the conflict was a battle of the species.
Using this information, it plotted a trap for Jean Razak's Roughnecks and managed to capture them where the Brain Bug attempted to absorb the information in Johnny Rico's brain. After the Skinnies captured Razaks Roughnecks during the Tophet Campaign, Sergeant Francis Brutto and trooper Carl Jenkins were brought before a separate isolated chamber where they the Brain Bug which sought to drain their cranium's of their knowledge.
As Henry Varro told his men that Brain Bugs likely killed the Queen when the fighting got close, Brain Bugs might have been present at the battle.
The four mogwai eat after midnight, because if mogwai eat after midnight, then they will turn into Gremlins. He instructs the Bat Gremlin to fly out of the building to check if it's sunlight still, and the scientists are unable to catch the Bat Gremlin. However, when they plan to exit the building so that New York City will no longer have human existance and instead replaced by a civilization of gremlins, a human named Billy Peltzer absorbed a gremlin who drank an electric potion (turning the gremlin into raw electricity), into a telephone, and his friends Kate Beringer and Murray Futterman help him to stop the gremlins. Brain was originally dressed in a black suit and bowtie, also a homage to Sinatra, however this idea was scrapped and changed. Es decir, que por ejemplo, tu cuerpo alcanza su mayor eficiencia cardiovascular y fuerza muscular a las 5 de la tarde. In contrast to the Warrior Bug, the Brain Bug was physically almost completely defenseless apart from a high pitched screaming noise capable of bursting blood vessels in human heads at a short distance. The importance of this type of Bug amongst their hives meant that it is heavily defended with Warrior Bugs fighting to the last to protect it. This highly specialized mouth is designed to break through the skull of a sentient being and penetrate into the brain itself. This prompted directives being given to the Mobile Infantry to find and locate the so called Brain Bugs for study as a way of combating the Arachnid threat. Unknown to them, an Escape pod crashed into the region due to Plasma bug fire and leading Zander Barcalow and Carmen Ibanez into the Bug nest containing the Brain Bug. Psychic Military Intelligence officer Carl Jenkins later probed the creature and told the assembled Mobile Infantry forces that it was scared. When Enolo Phid and Dix Hauser traveled to investigate the Brain Bug, it was decided to have the Brain put down for further study into its anatomy.
They served an extremely vital role and typically, a Bug colony consisted of only a single Brain Bug who directed its military forces against enemy incursions. This allowed the Bug to learn any secrets that the enemy captive knew and use it to the advantage of the Arachnid forces. Before it could accomplish this task, the Brain Bugs base was assault by the Mobile Infantry led by Carl Jenkins who had probed a wounded MI trooper of the incident. However, this is not certain as they were only mentioned in hypothesis and Brain Bugs did not appear at the battle. They experiment in making their race even more powerful and developing weapons that only Orphnoch can use. Like Stripe, he becomes the leader of a batch of Gremlins, vicious reptilian-skin monsters one meter tall, and with a highly dangerous behavior on attacking any other life form. They are inside the skyscraper during daylight, which will make them able to be alive until nighttime to escape, because sunlight is harmful to gremlins.
Later, several gremlins attack and slaughter people, while the Brain Gremlin helps his team of monsters win, although he doesn't attack people since he develops a fond nature of manners and the desire of having his team civilized.

Murray sprays the gremlins with water as the Brain Gremlin becomes the first to get blasted by water, and Billy aims the Electric Gremlin at them. In fact, if there is a direct danger to the Brain Bug, the Bug hordes will cease attacking until it manages to get away to safety.
Once there, the Brain Bug begins to consume the preys brain matter and absorbs all of their memories as well as their knowledge. Military Intelligence suspected that there was a Brain Bug on Planet P and their beliefs were proven after the loss of Whiskey Outpost where a Brain Bug placed a trap for Federation forces. The creature killed Zander Barcalow by draining his brain matter in order to absorb his knowledge but before it could accomplish the same to Carmen Ibanez, the female Fleet officer cut the appendage with a knife. The Brain Bug was later transferred to the Area 6 deep underground in the Alamo Bay Detention Center on Earth and studied as well as tested by Military Intelligence who sought to find a weakness to exploit amongst the Bug hordes. Unknown to them, the Brain could understand their words and seeing its life threatened, the captured Brain Bug broke from its prison cell and screamed in an attempt to crush the skulls of the humans in its pitch.
The death of the creature has a dramatic effect on the Bugs as they can go mad from its death and turn on one another with their entire coordination falling apart. Such information can be used to learn troop movements or other vital data in order to plan traps as well as ambushes. Threatened, the Brain Bug damaged trooper Rico's powersuit in order to kill him and unleashed a powerful telepathic attack against the Roughnecks. There are two rules concerning the Gremlins which are water will make them multiply and bright light, especially sunlight, is harmful to them.
The Brain Gremlin answers that civilization is the answer, explaining that the gremlins are vicious monsters that are primitive and violent because they're not civilized, and shows an example of a gremlin who is annoying and acts crazy next to him, which he later kills with a gun.
The process of this also enabled Brain bugs to use the human body temporarily to call for reinforcements on radio equipment before being disposed of. Wounded, the Brain Bug was then unexpectedly confronted by Lieutenant Johnny Rico and two of his subordinates who had a nuke active. In terms of appearance, the Brain Bug is a large beast that is almost too fat to move by itself. But, it was counterattack psychically by trooper Jenkins who destroyed it with his mental powers.
This is the largest coordinated group of Orphnoch ever seen, and in the movie Paradise Lost they seem to have formed a de-facto world government after the Orphnoch revolution. This provided the Bugs with a great deal of intelligence on their enemies as they were capable of learning vital secrets from their foes.
The Brain Bug recognized the threat posed and quickly retreated from the tunnels allowing its Warrior Bugs to handle this enemy incursion once the Brain had fled far enough.
Upon seeing the Admiral near death, Dix Hauser had managed to procure a weapon and terminated the beast with several rounds into its head killing it. Their telepathic talents are not restricted to command duties as the creature is equally capable of using it offensively by directing powerful psychic blasts that can harm groups of enemies. Before it died, the Brain Bug told Jenkins that it was not an only child and that there were other Brain Bugs in space.
As such, any human captured was at times brought before the Brain Bug for this form of interrogation. It should be noted that the Brain Bug is highly intelligent and vicious, capable of using tactics to combat a foe such as wounding a single enemy in order to distract their comrades. He later finds genetic sunblock, the cure for the Gremlins' weakness of sunlight, which will allow them to escape the building unharmed.

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