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I know for me, music is very stimulating depending on my mood, such as studying or going for a run or relaxing or getting pumped up. Gen Jereb's The Traffic Jam In My Brain ONLINE is a Sensory Processing Approach to Challenges associated with Autism, ADHD, ADD, Learning and Behavioural Differences. This online seminar is presented by international speaker Genevieve Jereb, OTR and provides seven contact hours of instruction. Any time I get in an argument with someone, get depressed, feel lonely, want to dance, or just feel like being in a good mood, I always resort to music. Music has been a huge part of my life, as well, and I have encountered numerous situations where listening to music has positively affected the outcome.
Wallpaper and background images in the Leonardo DiCaprio club tagged: dicaprio tumblr leonardo. My only guess from reading this article and poking around for more information would be that the musical environments we are exposed to, in shaping the superior temporal gyrus, predispose us for what we will be more willing to listen to (or at least try) in the future.
I wasn't aware there was so much science behind it, but now that I know, I find it so interesting!
However, many people like to listen to the music they "grew up on." You know, what their parents listened to, or their older siblings. However, sometimes I forget actually how much of a scientific effect the use & listening to of music has on one's brain.

Artists know which lyrics and songs to select for the world to hear and they tend to pick the ones that can be related to.
I looked into this phenomenon online and found this article (below) that breaks down how music affects different aspects of our lives such as stress, sleeping patterns, learning, anxiety, and overall mood. I know that I was influenced by what those around me were listening to, yet I also made independent choices and listened to the bands that I found on my own. For the longest time I really did like this style a lot, yet had an inexplicable hatred for rap and hip-hop. For a fan to know that they are not alone in a situation is very comforting and be very therapeutic. I find it most interesting when considering how much music impacts ones ability to retain information. I also found it interesting that according to this article, music appeals to the same part of the brain that responds to what they call "naturally rewarding stimuli" such as food and sex. For instance, in a recent research project, patients about to go into surgeries were kept a close eye on. Artists like Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, and Macklemore have belted tunes that have allowed people to be loving, accepting, and supportive of themselves and others through powerful lyrics like 'No matter gay straight or bi, lesbian transgendered life, I'm on the right track baby I was born to survive' in Gaga's Born This Way song. The website mentions how connecting information learned, such as your ABCs as a child, with a familiar tune, can help individuals recall the information when needed.

I also found it interesting that this part of the brain is found in many other organisms too, which makes me wonder if music could also be used to treat animals that are depressed (I have heard of this happening in zoos and such). I still enjoy my childhood 90s country, but less than I used to, perhaps because my superior temporal gyrus (and maybe even nucleus accumbens?) has been reshaped.
Also, if you hear a tune when you are in a good, relaxed mood and hear it again in a stressed overwhelmed situation, you basically conditioned yourself to bring back those happy thoughts the first time hearing it. Overall, this article seems very accurate with music being an inexpensive therapeutic technique that a lot of people are not completely aware of! The more a person hears a certain genre, the more likely they are to enjoy the piece.It has also been found that music is very consistently received in the same manor among different crowds. There is whole science to why music makes us happier, why we favor certain genre's over others, and how it bonds certain music lovers together. If you would like to learn even more about the unheard effects of music on the brain, click HERE.

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