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You can read much more about Blue Mind by poking around this website and following the links to others.
The project is headed by the founding director Henry Markram and co-directed by Felix Schürmann and Sean Hill. There are plenty of skeptics and critics of the Blue Brain Project, as there are of Blue Mind. The collective conversations about how the human brain works, and nichey subconversation about how it relates to water, have really just begin.
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Someone claimed today that Google has developed a robot that can pass the Turing Test 93% of the time.
Researchers say building a computer simulation could improve understanding and treatments of brain diseases like Alzheimer??s. It is a step that will need both a huge increase in funding and access to computers so advanced that they have yet to be built. Sean Hill, a senior computational neuroscientist on the project, laughs at such comparisons. We do this by convening an annual summit that brings together psychologists, neuroscientists, athletes, artists, explorers, and conservationists. We connect dots, generate hypotheses, stoke new conversations, and provoke reseach into a broad set of questions related to how humans interact with water.

The results have been fascinating and enjoyable, with applications to a wide range of human society.
I am a marine biologist and social entrepreur at times, not a neuroscientist or psychologist.
I love learning as much as I can from my colleagues who spend their lives studying the brain and behavior. Then I like to try to apply what I learn to the challenging work of protecting and restoring life in our oceans and waterways.

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