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I do like the advice about fixating on something that does make us happy regardless of what others are doing. I often start to feel guilty, too, when I don?t TAKE the time to respond and thank for all this incredible beauty, fascinating and inspiring thrill, and the magic moments, in love, nature or whatever you love doing, that you, Amber, share. Let?s be egoistic on purpose, let?s love and savor and float and sing and enjoy, and STOP FEELING SHAME.

I created such a manifestation, that person who's apartment I visited turned out to knwo someone who did a full Alexander Training and eurythmy training!!!!!!!! I was going to post some wise cracking response to Scenario #4 in this section, but I decided that I didn't want LOA to respond to that.
I carried that into my marriage, for the sake of harmony between us and NOW I'M HAPPY TO LET THAT GO!!!!!

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