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Creating a Successful Photography Portfolio is equipped with major insights from seasoned photography consultants on how to build an online portfolio that helps attract clients and win jobs. All photographs and illustrations that appear on the site are copyright of their respective owners.
Successful businessman standing with arms folded next to bar chart stats showing business growth trend. The recently popular alphabet photography can also make unique homemade Christmas gifts that your loved ones will treasure for years to come.
We put together our children’s names, as well as our last name in a collage photo frame. Leave some space around the edges of the letters in case you need to crop or re-size the pictures.

About the Author Latest PostsAbout Guest PostSuccessful Homemaking has been blessed to have some wonderful guest contributors! I did this for my niece last year for a birthday card that my Mom gave her {she asked me to make it}. Why not try do-it-yourself alphabet photography art? Photography can be a cost-effective way to add personality to your home if you have just a few skills (or a great digital camera) and a little creativity. We also gave our extended family members their last names framed as gifts for Christmas 2010.
If you enjoy taking photos, you would really like this–and your boys are definitely old enough to help you find the letters!
Cities are full of the lines and arches that make up various letters, but farm settings and even small towns are as well.

Many retailers sell letters for up to $5 each, and that can really start to add up if you have a long name or special word you want to display.
I am a novice photographer (so novice I believe I should not be called a photographer) but WILL BE TRYING THIS FOR SURE.
Considering that you can print many photos yourself for mere pennies, you could realistically pay less than a dollar for each word. Now to find where I stored my letters I’ve managed to take…we need a post on how to organize photos!

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