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Though I have NO idea what he was mumbling about, I do understand that he disagreed with me. Relationships, just like a business, must be structured, properly financed, have a clear mission statement, and divisions run by those most qualified to lead that division. And if dude ain’t worthy ON ANY FRONT, he should not be hired no matter how much he wants the job. Whether he doesn’t qualify from the jump, or disqualified himself for poor performance, the search must continue until the proper hireling is found and the business can become the profitable, awe inspiring machine it was designed to be.

There is a product (the family) and it must be developed to reap a profit (success for all members of the household) in the end.  A woman must start her business (relationship) with a clear vision of what she is investing and what returns she expects to see returned to her for the time, energy and effort invested.
She must have a hiring agreement so that everyone knows the expectations and deliverables of the position. If he was already on the job but later proved that he couldn’t handle the responsibilities and obligations for which he was hired, he should be promptly terminated.
Unaware women also waste time aligning themselves with emotionally busted, spiritually struggling, morally bereft and financially broke dudes that bring nothing of value to the business of the relationship.

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