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Note that if you want to spread the word about our freebie, you need to link back to this post. Starting and building a business can take years of hard work, passion and tenacity and is not for everyone. Staying focused can be tough, especially with things like vacation, holidays or less-daunting tasks on the horizon.  Successful business owners understand the importance of remaining focused and completing the necessary tasks at hand. Surprisingly, ‘honesty’ wasn’t listed as an essential trait in any other lists that I researched, but it is very important.
If you own a business or are thinking about starting one, this trait probably comes natural for you. This goes for anyone building a career or reputation in the professional world but as a business owner, you need to play on this trait more than others. Develop the mindset that your business is going to succeed and in order to make that happen, you will do whatever it takes. Use your charm and conversational skills to get an ‘in’ with the decision makers of that prospect you have been eyeing, or to network with vertical influencers in the community.  Take the time to introduce yourself to other owners in the community and attend networking events. Companies will experience months of tremendous growth and profitability, and other times, things will be slow and less profitable.

With the failure rates being so high, what sets a good business owner apart from an average one? Setting short and long term goals for yourself helps prioritize exactly what needs to get done and when. By conducting business in an honest way, you are building a reputation within the community as a credible professional.
To reach success, you need to be willing to take risks and try things outside of your comfort zone. Consider fundraising for a local charity or doing favors for other players in the community.
This is the natural cycle of every business, but one thing needs to remain constant – your resiliency.  Whether it be a bad month or losing a business deal, as an owner, you need to bounce back with the same vigor and strength as before. Be sure that once you put our vector character to your projects, you will instantly produce a great atmosphere.
There are a few different types of entrepreneurs that use a variety of skills to reach the same goal: success. Even if you don’t complete a goal by your desired due date, or at all, this doesn’t make you less driven; business owners constantly need to reprioritize and consider what is the most important right now to ensure success.

Your reputation can be your most powerful ally, so you’ll want to build it up by staying honest on all fronts; with employees, clients and partners. They know they have to power through the long hours of overtime and stay focused to achieve the higher goal for their business. By initiating a friendly relationship, you are building a network and establishing a word of mouth reputation.
Resilient owners understand that there will be ups and downs in every business but staying strong and continuing to work towards a goal is the main focus.
Think of all of the possible outcomes of your decision before going through it and most importantly, have a backup plan. Do not go into a risk blindly, plan for it and the chances of a desirable outcome will increase.
While there are thousands of different combinations of traits that compose a successful entrepreneur, here are the 6 that we think really matter.

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