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Leigh Ellen Browning, Lee’s stepsister, said he stayed positive despite a dismal cancer prognosis that he received at the ripe age of 28. Lee leaves behind his wife of nine years and a 12-year-old son, along with a host of family and friends. Lee was an avid Auburn fan and golfer and loved taking family trips to go skiing and snowboarding. Many may have seen Team Shockley T-shirts around town, which began as a show of support from his Little League Baseball team. Though Shockley was a believer in Jesus Christ, he never believed that one had to be baptized.

As Lee stood on the front porch steps where he had just been baptized, his easy-going demeanor shined through one last time.
In lieu of flowers, the family is asking for donations to an account that has been set up at Aliant Bank. The gene drastically increases ones chances of developing cancer, but a blood test can help detect the gene so preventative measures can be taken. Despite being too sick to seriously entertain the idea of going, he refused to let his condition stop the trip from happening. Despite having to tote around a chemotherapy pump, Lee continued to work out, fighting with everything he had to avoid what proved to be inevitable.

On the back, the shirts read “All we do is win.” Lee has coached baseball since his son was 4 years old. The money will be used to see if Lee’s son carries the same BRCA-1 gene that Lee and Lee’s sister have.

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